How to Meal Plan on A Budget: 7 Shortcuts to Slash your $12,000 Grocery Bill

Maybe it's just me, but every time I step into a grocery store I feel like I drop $45 in a matter of minutes and walk out with two measly bags of groceries. Here are the tips.

1. Plan your meals to save big.

Having a plan prior to going to the store in addition to planning out meals will almost ensure you stay within your budget. 

2. Shop around

Depending on where you live, your selection varies, but the reason to shop at different stores: each offers really good deals in some food categories.

3.Use rewards cards

3% on a $400 budget will net $12.00 back, paired with reaching spending terms most will give somewhere between $100-150.

4.Don’t shop when you're hungry.

In order to prevent impulse buying, never shop when you're hungry like right after work or after the gym.

5. Go off-brand & eliminate processed foods

Processed foods mean more time to make (for manufacture), more packing, therefore more money for you to buy them.

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