Right Now: What Are The Best Investments?

Everyone wants to find the best investments. That's a natural thing to want all things considered. However, you most likely know this, but it isn't that simple. That's what we want to explore here.

Consider Alternative Investments

The idea behind the rule is that accredited investors are more sophisticated and can afford to take more risk that comes with some alternative investments.

Finding the Best Investments Right Now

We will break these down into categories. There are many choices in each category. We will highlight some we feel are unique and some that trade publicly.

1. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS)

REITs are a familiar investment people use for diversification. There are public and private REITs. Some REITs invest and almost any kind of real estate.

2. Publicly Traded REITs

There are dozens of publicly-traded REITs on the market. By publicly traded, we mean that anyone can purchase them, and they are available on a public market exchange.

3. Vanguard Real Estate ETF (VNQ)

VNQ is an ETF that invests in a diversified portfolio of REITs that invested in real property and the types of real estate (office buildings, hotels, etc.)

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