List of the 6 Best House Sitting Jobs 

Whether you are looking for a side hustle or an adventure, house sitting jobs might be the way to go. These opportunities can either give you a free place to stay on your next vacation or put some extra money in your pocket. Here is a list of house sitting jobs.

The Best House Sitting Jobs for Travel Hacking

There are a plethora of house sitting opportunities available for those with an abundance of wanderlust but lack of funds. All of these platforms charge a membership fee.

Home Exchange

Home exchange offers a unique system for traveling the world in exchange for house sitting. They have over four hundred thousand homes available in 187 countries.

Love Home Swap

Love Home Swap has basically the same system that home exchange does. Love Home Swap is different in that it offers three tiers of membership and a two-week free trial.

Trusted House Sitters

If you’re a traveler who doesn’t mind taking care of the dog or cat while on vacation, it’s a great option. This website connects homeowners to pet sitters, but with a travel-related twist.

Luxury House Sitting

Luxury House Sitting connects homeowners with luxury homes to house sitters and pet sitters looking to stay in beautiful homes for incredibly low prices.

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