Cheapest Streaming Services for the Cord-Cutters

You didn’t get rid of cable to have to subscribe to every streaming service, so we’ve found some of cheapest TV streaming services you can subscribe to without having to get a side hustle to afford!

1. HBO Max

Price: $9.99/month+. What you’ll get: Access to HBO originals, although you’ll have to watch with ads.

2. Philo

Price: $25/month+. What you’ll get: The ability to record an unlimited number of live TV programs and store them on your DVR for 12 months or stream shows online.

3. Sling TV Blue

Price: $35/month+. What you’ll get: 50+ channels to watch live or on-demand later.

4. YouTube TV

Price: $64.99/month+. What you’ll get: 85+ channels live or on-demand, unlimited recording storage, and six users.

5. DirecTV

Price: $69.99/month+. What you’ll get: 65+ channels live or on-demand and over 40,000 TV shows and movies.


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