Great Alternatives to Amazon for all your Buying and Selling Needs

Amazon is efficient and convenient, it has a reputation for treating its employees poorly. Low wages, long hours, and high stress are par for the course for most employees. Here are the best alternatives to Amazon.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a relatively new feature of Google. Google Shopping allows you to compare items from online retailers across the internet.


Teepublic is an alternative to Amazon Merch. With Teepublic, you can buy t-shirts, mugs, binders, blankets, and various other items with attractive graphics on them.


Instacart is the best alternative to Amazon for groceries because you can shop at your local grocery stores and pay a local, independent contractor for delivery.

Thrive Market

Thrive Market is online retailer of healthy foods. They offer a wide range of natural & organic. They are a great alternative to whole foods for your healthy and organic shopping needs.

Hive Brands

Hive is the best option for the socially and environmentally conscious. Hive has product lines that align with a variety of causes, from animal rights to community development.


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