Being Frugal Will Only Get You So Far

You will need to make quite a bit of extra money if you are looking to really live a free life. The frugal lifestyle will only get you so far. You can’t save or coupon your way to a life of choices.

The Debate Continue Frugal or Make More Money?

Being super frugal will only get you so far towards your goals. While there is merit in slashing spending to help pay off debt.

$300 and 3 Years Ago

Three years ago I was broke. Depending on your definition of broke, but my definition is the ability to at any time have money to do what you please without stressing out.

Be honest with your finances

When I realized my finances were a liability – I knew I personally had to make changes. Subconsciously, I had to to tell myself to change.

But what does all this have to do with frugality?

My wife and I are extremely frugal with lots of things in order to create the cash flow that allows us to have different options.

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