Ways To Avoid ATM Fees

Looking for a lucrative industry to start a business in? Consider the ATM fee business. Since 2015, when banks were mandated to disclose how much money they made off of ATM and overdraft fees, the numbers have been astounding.

1. Use banks that don’t have ATM fees.

The simplest way to avoid ATM fees is to just make sure you use banks that don’t have them. Consider switching to a banking institution that offers free cash withdrawals.

2. Get cash back at the store.

You might be paying for the item just to get cash back, it is better to get a few bananas and a pack of gum for $1.50 with your cash back instead of paying $4.00 to access your money.

3. See what ATM’s are “In Network”

Out of network ATM fees are pricier because of the associated fees you accrue since your bank doesn’t own that particular ATM.

4. Don’t use cash

Another quick tip to avoid ATM fees, don’t use cash. With apps like Venmo and Paypal making easier than ever to transfer money, just be that person who has a friend spot them.

5. Go to the bank 1x per month

You just put a mental check next to one, or all four of the characteristics above, get in the habit of making a monthly trip to the bank to get all the cash you need for the month.

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