Amazon Rebrands “Twitch Prime” to “Prime Gaming”

Amazon, the monolith that owns Twitch, has rebranded its gaming offerings, previously called Twitch Prime, to Prime Gaming. This move puts the gaming service on par with Amazon’s other Prime offerings, including music and reading, services that made Amazon famous.

What Is Prime Gaming?

Prime Gaming is the new name for Amazon’s video game offerings. Included with an Amazon Prime subscription, Prime Gaming offers Amazon customers a variety of exclusive video game content.

How Much Does Prime Gaming Cost?

Amazon Prime costs $12.99 per month (plus tax). It includes Prime Gaming and free shipping on certain products, Prime Music, Prime Video, and Prime Reading.

What Does Prime Gaming Include?

Prime Gaming provides many benefits to gamers, including downloadable content for popular games, free games, and one free Twitch subscription per month.

Content Available via Prime Gaming

Prime subscribers receive extra content from popular games across numerous genres via Prime Gaming. The specific content users can access with Prime Gaming depends on its offering.

Free Games Available with Prime Gaming

Prime subscribers can access a small selection of free independent games with Prime Gaming in addition to the extra content from popular games.

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