Nice Things To Do For Your Wife (This Week!)

Maybe it’s just me, but what’s a playa supposed to do when his wife is busy shopping at the outlet mall? Here is a list of best nice things to do for your wife over the next few months.

1. Stay fit

This one is 100% on you, staying fit is not only good for your health, but it is a great way to honor your wife. Looking fit and staying in shape is also great way to communicate to your wife.

2. Work on your bad habits

No matter how you look at it, we all have bad habits. However, if you have habits that your wife doesn’t like – do your best to try and work on them.

3. Be spontaneous

Being nice to your wife means thinking about her. What better way to display this than going out of your way to surprise her. This can also mean gift-giving for no apparent reason.

4. Make boring things fun

Creating laughter in your relationship is a must anyways. Think of funny memories and talk about them or just be silly. Either way, your wife will love it.

5. Put your phone away

Make sure she knows she is more valuable to you than your phone. Sure when my wife was shopping I could have played on my phone, or I could have paid attention to her.


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