Why Alternative Investments Are Not Just for the Wealthy

In the beginning, alternative investments were only available to what most would consider the wealthy. The SEC set the definition of the wealthy with their accredited investor definition. Here we're going to introduce you to six investments you may not have considered.

What Are Alternative Investments?

Alternative investments are not mutual funds, ETFs, or index funds. They include offerings like private equity, real estate, hedge funds, venture capital, managed futures, and derivative products.

Crowdfunding – The Game Changer

Crowdfunding in real estate, like with individual or small business crowdfunding allows smaller investors into an investment space that hasn't been available to them in the past.

Alternative Investments for Everyone

Here are some alternative investments for everyone: 1. Vinovest 2. Fundrise and DiversyFund 3. Fundrise 4. DiversyFund

Alternative Investments for Accredited Investors

What follows are three recommendations for those of you who meet the criteria of the accredited investor: 1. FarmTogether 2. Yield Street 3. PeerStreet

Finding Other Alternative Investments

“It's a discovery engine built to help you find and compare all types of investment opportunities, spanning from alternative investment platforms through to Robo Investing.” And it's super simple to use.

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