Why I Chose to Abandon my Cubicle, and You Should Too

So you want to know how to retire early and ditch the cubicle? Here is an excellent guest feature for those who are serious about achieving financial freedom and early retirement!

It's time to abandon your cubicle!

Whenever I think about a future without a cubicle involved, I still can’t picture myself as anything other than a 60-something grandfatherly-type.

My Wake-up Call

Stress is a parasitic companion that dogs you in corporate cubicle gigs. Back in late 2012, my career had taken a turn south. I took a lateral move to get out of a really bad situation.

Mustache Man Cometh

I can’t remember exactly how I stumbled upon it, but I landed at MrMoneyMustache.com one day at work. This was a life-changer, plain and simple.

A New Plan Emerges – Rentals…

With a wealth of old posts from the Mustached guru to pour-over, I had all sorts of ammunition to kick our new plan off.

Pedal Power

It didn’t stop there. I eventually decided in the spring of 2015 to try bicycle commuting.I was such a noob. But what a huge feeling of accomplishment!

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