Step By Step DIY Pallet Wall (On A Budget)

Are you the do it yourself type? Then installing a DIY pallet wall in your home is the perfect project for you. only if you're up for a true challenge. Here are the steps to create a pallet wall.

Step 1: Collect Pallets (About 10-15)

You will need lots of pallets. Some will be warped, some will have cracks, and some will break trying to take them apart.

This will take a long time. Not trying to scare you, but when you build a DIY pallet wall you need to plan on spending 1-3 hours breaking down pallets.

Step 2: Break down pallets

If you decide to stain boards or at least a few, be sure to have enough pallet wood and stain them all at once!

Step 3: Stain pallet boards (Optional)

I would recommend painting the wall because no matter how good you are, there will be tiny cracks and gaps when you install the pallet boards.

Step 4: Paint wall & Stain furring strips

You don't have to use furring strips, you can simply find the studs and mount the boards right onto the wall.

Step 5: Install furring strips

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