The Big 7: A Complete List of Federal Student Loan Servicers

When you graduated high school and accepted your financial aid package to go to the college of your dreams you most likely were not thinking about student loans.

What is a Federal Student Loan Servicer anyways?

Considering the working pace of most federal organizations, managing close to 1.5 trillion worth of student loan debt would be no easy task for the government.

How to Contact & Find Your Student Loan Servicer

You can start by going to the National Student Loan Data System, which is the U.S. Department of Education’s database for student aid to find your student loan servicer.

Contact Information for Student Loan Servicers

If you’re looking to figure out more about your student loans, repayment status, payment history or just about any other possible question you might have reach out to your student loan servicer.

Can you switch student loan servicers?

Student loan service companies are assigned by the government, thus borrowers can not switch service providers. As more and more borrowers emerge each passing year, student loan servicing companies are becoming more efficient.

Two options instead of using your current student loan service company

1. Pay off your student loans as fast as possible. 2. Refinance your student loans.

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