The 9 Biggest Money Misconceptions That Just Aren’t True

Living in a world where it is easy to copy and paste your opinions or cute quotes can be a great way to get attention, but it can also confuse people when it comes to their finances. Here is a list of the most common money misconceptions.

1. “Wealthy people – all they think about is money”

One of the biggest misconceptions about money is that all wealthy people do is think about money… when in all actuality it is usually the opposite.

2. Set 1 financial goal that scares you“It will work itself out, don't worry”

You would want that spot removed ASAP. And while this is an extreme example, one of the most common misconceptions about money is that it just works itself out!

3. “Rich people got everything handed to them”

The common misconception is that millionaires were “Handed their wealth” by their parents.

4. “Leasing a car is always a good idea”

Now, there are cases when leasing makes sense based on work, business ownership and where you live, however in general, leasing is not a good idea, its actually a really bad idea!

5. “You can't take your money to the grave with you”

It is true money won't do you very good once your dead, you can leave behind a legacy and estate for your kids and their kids.

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