Steps to Start Being Financially Secure

So you want to learn steps to be financially secure? The cool thing about becoming financially secure is there is no exact path to achieving it. Here are the steps to start being financially secure.

1. Read More (the best investment is in yourself)

Here are a few good books to start with: 1. Slight Edge 2. Start With Why 3. Millionaire Next Door

2. Be Honest

At the end of the day, your finances only directly affect you and your immediate family. Don't lie to yourself. In order to be honest with your finances: Assess your financial value! 

3. See where your money is going

Live off 40% of your income and save/invest/pay off debt with 60%. Sounds aggressive, but it gets simple. First, to do this correctly create a budget, then track it.

4. Find ways to cut back and increase your cash flow

Easy ways to start, lose the cable, establish an eating out/grocery budget and see about reworking your internet, cell phone, and insurance bills.

5. Make more money!

Just creating an extra $100 a month is equivalent to a $1600 raise at your job after taxes! Get serious about not just cutting back and saving more, but making more!


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