Steps to Start Being Financially Secure

The cool thing about becoming financially secure is there is no exact path to achieving it, for example, some people: Pay off debt then invest. Some keep debt and invest. Others don't really care as long as they have money.

1. Start with WHY

Start with figuring out WHY it is so important for you to take your personal finances serious. For starters, imagine having the peace of mind knowing you had no debt, or you are covered in case of an emergency.

2. Set Long Term Goals

Goals will lead you down a path and most likely change, here is an example: Debt free by 33 Salary in savings by 35 Investments worth $1 Million at 40

3. See where your money is going

In order to start making steps towards the 60/40 you need to first see where your money is going. Be honest and pay yourself first which simply means you pay yourself before bills and spending.

4. Find ways to cut back and increase your cash flow

Just cutting back on some variables can help you increase your positive monthly cash flow, $200 or more.

5. Make more money!

Just creating an extra $100 a month is equivalent to a $1600 raise at your job after taxes! Get serious about not just cutting back and saving more, but making more!

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