Are you an Entrepreneur? 7 Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

I knew I was an entrepreneur when I was 8…At the time I had no clue what it meant, but now, age 33 I can tell you some of the characteristics of entrepreneurs.

1. You get bored easily

If you are the person who gets bored sitting at a desk and doing the same thing over and over again then chances are you might be an entrepreneur deep down inside.

2. You can not sit still

Never-mind the health ramifications of sitting all day, but if you like interacting with people, moving around and meeting people you might be an entrepreneur.

3. You like taking risks!

Entrepreneurs take risks. There are numerous bloggers, business owners, and internet success stories who quit their full-time job, to become entrepreneurs!

4. You take action

Grant Cardone often says it requires the same amount of energy to take large amount of action as it does to take no action. As an entrepreneur it is up to you to make things happen.

5. You are not afraid of challenges

Entrepreneurs are not afraid of challenges. Entrepreneurs can not be afraid of hearing the word “NO,” nor can they expect everything to go their way.

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