6 Keys Steps When Applying for a Mortgage

There is a lot of uncertainty around applying for a mortgage. Preparing for and understanding the process can decrease some of the stress of applying for a mortgage.

Keys Steps When Applying for a Mortgage


During the pre-approval, the loan officer will tell you the total loan amount you will qualify for. It is a good time to ask questions about what is required by the bank to close on the loan.

No. 1

Getting a Property Under Contract

After you've found a home, made an offer that both parties have agreed to, you can move to the next step in applying for a mortgage.

No. 2


Filling out this form will probably take about 1-3 hours, depending on how organized you are and if you have all the information needed in front of you.

No. 3

Having a clear understanding of the process and the bank's requirements has the best chance of running smoothly.

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