We Have $300,000 In Student Loans – Were They Worth It?

We are actually grateful that we had $300,000 in student loans. Now, I get it, you don't really relate as to why someone might be grateful for their student loan debt.

Does your student loan debt move you?

The nail on the floor (Student loan debt) hurts, but it doesn't hurt bad enough to do anything about it (Pay off student loans as fast as possible).

Are student loans really worth it?

When considering whether not student loans are worth it, for me the answer has always been YES. Even my wife (With over $270,000 in student loans) considers them worth it, but probably not for the reasons you might be thinking.

Treat student loans like an investment.

It might be time to treat a degree like an investment, not a right of passage. Like any sound investment, college is no longer something only a select few can get their hands on.

Be strategic with the degree you pursue.

Prior to ever going to college, it is important to point out that what people major in does matter. It matters to… 1. Them and what they pick 2. Their finances in the future

Don't go to college for your parents.

This is a hard pill to swallow, but if you're going to college because your parents are making you – and they're not paying for it – then taking out student loans to please them might not be worth it.

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