99 1st World (Money) Problems


Here I am driving in my paid-off car,  on a nice highway and next to me is an asphalt running trail that I would venture to guess is nicer than most roads in some underdeveloped countries.

99 1st World (Money) Problems

1. I only got approved for up to $300,000 for my 1st home purchase. 2. My 401K dropped last month and I’m 27…hit the panic button.

3. I really hope my pay raise doesn’t put me into the next tax bracket. 4. Ugh, my Lexus requires premium gas. 5. How do you balance 401k contributions and debt reduction?

6. I'm worried about where I can spend the cryptocurrency I'm accumulating 7. The airline ran out of 1st class seats, I hope there are no babies in coach.

9. Google needs to seriously update their Google Maps App, it rerouted me again. 10. My new cell phone doesn’t hold a charge longer then 5 hours…WTF! 11. I majored in 13th century literature and I can't get a job…. WHAT THE HECK!

12. When I use my Apple TV, I hate having to enter my Wifi password again and choosing each individual letter/number… it takes FOREVER. 13. The line to get my emissions done took over an hour. 14. Spam e-mail takes up 5 minutes of my life every day.

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