Steps to Stop Overspending


Oops… we greatly over spent on our kitchen remodel. Overspending on a few groceries here and there or dropping a few extra dollars for a burrito is one thing, but not budgeting for a $1,600 kitchen remodel is a whole other story.

1. Set a budget for spending categories

A Gallup poll infamously published results showing that only 1 in 3 adults use a household budget. So while some might say they have a spending problem.

2. Identify high spending areas

Once you start a budget you will quickly be aware of your high over spending areas. Bringing attention to your high spending areas will help you take control of your spending.

3. Know your weak spots

A key to stop overspending is to identify your spending triggers. If you know everyday at 3:00 you feel a little tired, which means you walk to the vending machine and buy a soda, come up with a solution.

4. Track your spending

You set up a budget, you identified the categories where you waste most of your money and you even figured out you should avoid the grocery store late night… now it is time to track your spending.

5. Implement a 30 day no spend rule.

The best fix to your overspending… a 30 day no spend challenge. It’s good practice in general to challenge yourself. 

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