25+ Tiger King Memes (Best All in One Spot)

Look, I am not going to lie to you, but Tiger King has replaced Stranger Things as my favorite show on Netflix… ever! 

Perhaps that is indicative of my intellect or maybe my roots, but I won’t lie – the ‘Big Cat’ subculture is the most fascinating group I have ever come across (on TV that is). Seriously, where else can you find:

  • A tiger obsessed self-proclaimed redneck who carries a pistol on his side every day, has a jacket for every occasion including emergencies, likes to make his own music videos… and oh yeah, he’s gay too and has two husbands. 
  • Then you have Carole Baskin. She is a big cat “Rescuer” who happens to use a volunteer system to employee her rescue zoo where she wears flower headbands, rides a bike… and oh yeah, has a missing dead husband who was a multi-millionaire. 
  • Last but not least, you have Doc “Bhagavan” Antel. The word “Bhagavan” translates to lord and the man with four wives, who thinks he is part Native American, used to be in old Britney Spears music videos. 

But whether you read this or not, here is one #tigerkingmeme that wraps up the entire Netflix docu-series in one meme:

tiger king memes

The Best Tiger King Memes

Before we start, do yourself a favor and play this in the background as you look at your favorite #tigerkingmemes!


1. Jetski Tiger King Meme

Jetski Tiger King Meme

2. Cool cats & kittens meme:

cool cats & kittens meme:

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3. Carole Baskin Memes

4. Tiger King Memes & Couples:

Tiger King Memes & Couples:

5. Genie Tiger King Meme

genie tiger  king meme

6. Student Loan Tiger King Meme:

sallie mae tiger king meme

7. Cut & Color Your Own Hair on Quarantine

7. Cut & Color Your Own Hair on Quarantine

8. Joe Exotic Memes

joe exotic memes

9. Everyone after the quarantine:

never going to financially recover from this

10. 2020 was going to be my year:

2020 is my year meme

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11. White people DO have culture:

white people do have culture meme

12. Tiger King Cult Memes

tiger king cult memes

13. Tiger King Steve Irwin Meme

Tiger King Steve Irwin Meme

14. Family photo & THE TIGER KING

tiger king memes

15. Patience is a virtue meme:

eyebrow ring meme

16. Joe Exotic Memes are too funny:

carole baskin did it

17. Even Donald Trump Jr. got in on the Tiger King Memes:

tiger king trump meme

18. And this one too:

biden tiger king meme

19. Joe Exotic & Husbands:

joe exotic staight guy meme

20. Eyebrow Ring Meme (LOL)

21. Tiger King & Chill

tiger king netflix memes


23. Tiger Rips Girls Arm Off – Raincheck?

ems bomber jacket meme

24. All the hairstylists are looking for work and people are all on Zoom like:

zoom tiger king meme

25. Is this the BEST Tiger King Meme/Video?

26. How you know Tiger King is just wild:

tiger king crazy memes

27. Haircuts at the zoo:

cutting hair tiger king meme

28. Nope, this is the best Tiger King Meme of them all:

tiger king memes

29. No wait, this one… this is the best:


The Verdict on Tiger King Memes:

Look, at the end of the day we have two options during the quarantine:

  1. Watch Tiger King & Social Distance Ourselves
  2. Social Distance Ourselves

Based on the Tiger King memes from above, option #1 is the best choice avilable. That being said, Money Life Was does not condone:

  1. Animal Abuse
  2. Murder
  3. Murder for hire
  4. Greed
  5. Coruption

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