Action Cures All

Get started now! Yes now. Whether you have been putting off getting in shape, eating healthier, or sticking to a budget start now. Maybe you want to apply for a new job or create a secondary revenue stream. Starting now is essential!


Language of defeat

Try. Can’t.  I am working on it. I will start Monday. I am planning on it. I am getting serious next month. These are all languages of procrastination and defeat. Overcoming language of defeat starts with taking action. You will never get off the couch, apply for that job, or start that budget if you never start. Often times action never occurs because we subconsciously let ourselves off the hook. Think about it; it is like working out alone or with a buddy. Workout alone and you are more likely to slack on that last exercise, then if you have someone working out with you. Lose the language of defeat and there will be instant change.


Waiting for perfect timing

If you are waiting for all the lights to turn green before you drive to California you’re never going to make it. Cliche’ but true. We all have a natural tendency to wait for “perfect timing”. Kids, for example, you might want to plan for those.  However, so many people let timing become their reason not do something. I am going to start working out during the new year. I wan’t to travel some more before I pay off my debt. I am waiting to start dating while I FOCUS on my career. (I love that one, if you have a job how much more focus do you really need? Show up, do what your told, and remember, if you can not do it in 8 hours you’re probably doing something wrong). Putting things on hold to wait for timing is code for procrastination. Timing doesn’t change, it just goes on. You will always have things come up. So if you’re waiting for the perfect time, take action.

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Life Events

News flash life hits everyone and sometimes it happens all at once. I get it, things come up that can cause us to become distracted, disengaged, and honestly sometimes lazy. The most common life phenomena for my age group is weddings. Over the last two years I have met countless couples who act like planning a wedding, which is typically about 5-7 hours long, requires 8-12 months of preparation.

Do not get me wrong, they require planning, but not to the extent of putting your entire life on hold. Lauren and I decided in February of 2016 that we would get Married July 9th of 2016, less than five months notice. How did we do that? We took action by sending out save the dates. We put our back against the walls and we FIGURED it out. We cut our guest list in order to afford it and we realized most people were going to be too drunk to remember food and decorations. Life can happen – layoffs, family deaths, breakups, personal battles, weddings, financial woes, I get it. At the end of the day action will help you overcome most of life’s obstacles.


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More and more people are afraid of failing. Taking action means there is a chance to fail. But in between point A and B is a lot of learning opportunities, not failures. A failure is only a failure if you do not grow from it. By taking action you will have hiccups and setbacks. It will take more than one session at the gym to lose that extra weight if that’s your goal. So with failure in mind, people never really set out to take action, therefore they never get going and nothing ever changes.
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So why should you take action?

Well for starters you will feel better about yourself. Why does the military make their bed every morning? It starts the day off right – accomplishing one task that will set you on a path of accomplishing many small tasks that will end in productivity. The feeling of accomplishment is contagious. Think about it. When I told myself in 2016 I was no longer drinking soda’s the next day I drank a soda. When I finally mustered the action to string together 7 days, the idea of drinking a soda became harder because now I had 7 days on the line. Fast Forward to a month and I felt accomplished and good about myself. I had accomplished a small task. Each day it becomes easier and easier to stay away from soda to the point where drinking a soda is not even a thought.



Action leads to opportunities and learning. By taking action you will often go down a different path than you even set out on or imagined. When my wife and I decided to take control of our finances, we did not know that a year later we would be helping two friends pay off 20K in consumer debt in a matter of two months. They had money but no strategy. The more action we took the more we learned. The more we learned the more we applied. The more we applied the better the results got.


Just by sitting down to create a budget propelled us to pay off more than $100,000 in debt in an 18 month time frame, and honestly we are just getting started. I had always TALKED about writing a book. Now I am working on one. I talked about starting a website and a blog, well if you are reading this then there you go. Had we not taken action, we literally would be in the same exact spot that we were two years ago.


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“If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always gotten!”

Your future self will be glad you read.

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