How to Crush the Day: Best Morning Routine Ideas

Crush your morning routine!

I will admit something that has always been hard for me ever since I went to college: I struggle to get up in the morning. For a multitude of reasons, one of the worst habits I developed after college up until about 31 was sleeping in until the very last second. Instead of taking the … Read more

13 Coronavirus Quarantining Activities You Need!

coronavirus activities

Remember those rainy Saturdays when you were trapped inside your home with your siblings?  Whether you do, or you simply chose to erase those days from your memory, the current Novel Coronavirus pandemic has got Americans across the country reminiscing on those “Boring Days.” From fighting with your brother over the best Legos to coloring … Read more

Use Habit Stacking (For a More Productive You)

habit stacking

Truth be told, I have struggled in the past with completely wasting my time. With the growing presence of social media, news, Netflix, and internet surfing made convenient in the digital age by my smartphone – something I have struggled with the past few years is not letting negative habits get the best of me. … Read more