6 Spring Cleaning Tips to Help You Make Money

spring cleaning tips 2019

I am not sure exactly sure how this past weekend ended up turning into a full scale spring cleaning weekend… but it did. And while my idea of fun isn’t cleaning out the garage, office and kitchen all weekend, I will say that spring cleaning this weekend was shockingly refreshing (Not to mention, we also … Read more

7 Quarantining Life Hacks: From “Mental Survival” to “Money Tips”

quarantining life hacks

Believe it or not, there are some quarantining life hacks that can make this entire Coronavirus experience much better… or without them, simply dreadful. When the initial news wave of fear hit in late February/early March, it was difficult to find toilet paper and even more challenging to avoid Googling “Coronavirus” every 15 minutes. I … Read more

Use Habit Stacking (For a More Productive You)

habit stacking

Truth be told, I have struggled in the past with completely wasting my time. With the growing presence of social media, news, Netflix, and internet surfing made convenient in the digital age by my smartphone – something I have struggled with the past few years is not letting negative habits get the best of me. … Read more