7 Tips to Help You Pass the SHL Assessment Test

Are you applying for the job of your life and need to pass the SHL assessment?

Most companies you find on the Forbes 500 list use the SHL assessment test in their recruitment process because it has proved time and time again to be one of the best quality psychometric tests.

The SHL test assesses different personality areas from numerical skills, verbal skills, and personality traits of an applicant in order to help better match applicants and make sure they are the right fit for the position.

Other areas that matter like the ability to work under pressure, work speed, and accuracy can be measured using the SHL Assessment. Although the test is generally challenging, you can easily pass and get hired by the company you're applying to if you keenly consider these points when taking the test.

Below are seven tips to help you pass the SHL assessment.

How to Pass the SHL Assessment:

shl assessment test

1. Realize you might fail if you don’t practice

There is a common saying that practice makes perfect and it’s very applicable if you want to pass the SHL test. The test concentrates more on your personality traits and intelligence, and the best way to know how to answer the questions right is to do a lot of free online SHL tests online to be aware of what it takes to clear the test, which in turn infuses great amount of confidence in you. 

Through practice, you can work on your speed and improve if you are too slow. You also get to improve on your accuracy and to work on your level of confidence long before the real test day. The advantage of practice tests is that you can retake them as many times as you wish.

2. Understand the content of the test

If you do not understand what questions you will get during the test, you might be taken by surprise and panic immediately after you start. Do your research and understand the nature of the questions and get ready to answer them correctly.

The questions test your cognitive and personality attributes and they are divided into different sections. Some sections will test your numerical skills, inductive, and verbal skills. Other questions will test your personality in the areas of work style, intelligence, learning speed, work expectations, ethics, and general behavior.

3. Improve on your time management skills

You cannot ignore time management because all the questions are timed and you will be expected to answer as many questions as possible. You will be given about 30 questions and will have about 25 minutes to finish. That means each question will take less than a minute to finish and if you dwell for too long on one question, you will miss getting a good score.

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4. Take your time to research

The practice tests are a perfect way to prepare for the main test but beyond this, you need to get more information about the company. Some companies customize the questions to fit their needs and if you research and get a detailed background about the company, you might answer the questions right.

Know about the company’s work ethics, work style, what they do, their customers, investments, and so on. Sometimes you might be called for an onsite interview and you might be asked to tell what you know about the company or what you feel is lacking in the company.

5. Remember, it is okay to fail!

Applicants practice for the test because they don’t want to fail and this positive mentality is very good. Even when you go to sit for the test, you should have a positive hope that you will pass. However, things do not always turn out the way you expected and you can do the test to your best but the results turn out as fail.

Know that it is okay to fail and it doesn’t mean the end of your world. You will get another chance to sit for the test or it might be your chance to get a better job in another company.

6. Learn from your mistakes and make improvements

Humans are prone to make errors and mistakes do not turn you into a failure. Instead, they create another chance for you to improve and become better. This is also the reason you should take your time to practice as many times as possible.

Every time you do the practice test, take note of the mistakes you make and correct them. Keep correcting and improving until you become perfect. Once the day for the real exam comes, you will make minimal or no mistakes.

Pro Tip: Don't second guess yourself. Go with your gut and remember old school test taking strategies like read the question, read the answers, reread the question, and then finally make your choice and move on!

7. Get your mind and body ready

Having the right mindset is one of the best ways to be ready for the test. Wake up early, freshen up and try the best you can to remain calm. Do not let your confidence drain away because it might affect your results. 

On the day of the test, give yourself the time to:

  1. Eat breakfast
  2. Consider a quick exercise routine to get your physiolgoical processes activated
  3. Arrive early
  4. Don't second guess yourself when you take the test

The Verdict – Practice for The SHL

Like just about any assessment – you will want to prepare for the SHL Assessment.

Hiring managers and employers go to great lengths to match people to the right jobs when they're hiring. And since we spend between a quarter to a third of our time at work, it’s important that our abilities and interests fit the requirements of the role we apply to.

Simply getting in the practice reps,


Frequently asked questions

How many questions are on the SHL assessment test?

Each sub-test consists of a specific amount of questions ranging from 18 to 30 questions per sub-test. Each test is given a specific amount of time to complete. For example, for the verbal reason test, there are 30 questions with a 19-minute time cap.

What is the SHL assessment?

Situational judgment tests are important for employers and the SHL test is used to assess different personality areas from numerical skills, verbal skills, and personality traits of an applicant in order to help better match applicants and make sure they are the right fit for the position.

Where can you find an SHL practice test?

Yes, you can easily find SHL practice tests online and you can also visit the SHL website and click on the “Practice Test” icon to take practice assessments.