Rich is in your thinking

Chances are you have never heard this statement: Rich is how you think. 


Less than three years ago I was one of the biggest short term thinkers ever. I am sure I can speak for most 20 something year old with a “good career,” when I say I really thought I had made it.


I had a nice truck that I bought on a whim, I had the fancy work title, and I owned a decent town home in a booming area. What else could I possibly want or need?


My student loans were manageable and I had some in savings. I had even gone in on a real estate deal with my brother that would eventually be the spot for my future home. I had done this all on my own with no mentorship or help, I was proud of my ignorance.


Then I developed a reading habit.


Naturally, the first book I read was about money because even though I “made it” to society’s standards (The big truck, fancy job title, the monthly payments) I knew deep down I was only fooling myself.


I read Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover and I was exposed to a whole new world of wealth thinking. Dave said things like buying a brand new car is equivalent to throwing  $100 bills out the window.


He said get out of debt and payoff your student loan using the snowball effect. However, what really resonated with me, was when Dave Ramsey wrote,  “Stop trying to keep up with the Joneses, because the Joneses can’t keep up with themselves.”


Just like that it hit me, I needed to stop comparing my life to everyone else’s. For starters, I could never be happy if I was constantly looking to impress others. I wrote a awesome article on why it is imperative to stop comparing yourself that you can read here.


The main premise: Opinions will never pay your bills.


Once I was able to wrap my brain around the concept that people will never look out for my own financial future I started making choices that were structured around my future. Instead of doing everything that everyone seemed to be doing, my wife and I started making choices around what we wanted.


For us, that was becoming free from debt and having options to do what we wanted, when we wanted, and be able to help others.


When readers ask for personal finance tips I tend to say pay yourself first, but I also feel like more important than any budget or strategy is finding out your purpose for having those goals.


One of the defining characteristics of human beings is having a purpose.


In my quest for more financial knowledge I began to see it over and over again, people with wealth, time and freedom think differently.


Robert Kiyosaki said something so profound – rich is how you think. What rich is not: globs of money, cars, and material wealth.


Let me take the chance to elaborate. From a very young age, most of us are subconsciously conditioned to think that being rich means you have lots of money and material things.


Rich is how you think


The cars, the houses, the clothes, the fancy technology, you name it. All the things we are constantly bombarded with have nothing to do with being rich at all. Rich is how you think and the financial knowledge you have.


Take away all the money away from someone like a Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates, and within 5 years I bet they are billionaires again. Why? Because of how they think. Sure, both are super talented and extremely gifted.


Bu they also have some unique ways of thinking. For starters, they don’t listen to the opinions of others. When Bill Gates was spending 18 hours a day programming he didn’t take vacations because he earned it. He had focus and purpose.

 Bezos of Amazon

When Bezos started Amazon he didn’t listen to the naysayers who said the internet might be short lived. Instead, some 20 years later, when you ask anyone what Amazon is they say it is a website, not a river.


You are not making waves if you are not being criticized.


Jeff Bezos was asked what he says to the critics and his response was awesome. Bezos said, “You are not making waves if you are not being criticized.” Instead of focusing on revenge, Bezos doesn’t even give attention to his critics.


He thinks differently and that is why he is rich. Not because he is the richest human on planet earth, but because he knows his ability to think will always moving him further ahead.


My point in writing all of this is I hope to help you conquer your financial goals or maybe just accomplish something as simple as slightly adjusting how you view money.


Money is just a tool. It happens to be a very necessary tool in the world we live in that allows you choices. However, one thing you can’t 100% control is the amount of money you accumulate. So many factors contribute to your financial position.


What is controllable is how you view financial knowledge.


Start by just taking a few small steps to improve in the financial wisdom category.

  1. Read more
  2. Find and surround yourself with advisors or mentors
  3. Be a fruit inspector (Don’t take advice from someone who doesn’t have what you want, hence why I am not big on writing about investing, I am just not that experienced when it comes to investing)
  4. Subscribe to my blog and share it. Sharing is caring, and you never know who could benefit from learning more about money.
  5. Check out these other blogs that I like : MMM,   Abandon Cubicle & Millennial Money


And lastly remember – being rich is not like being a Kardashian. It is the financial wisdom and expertise you gather ! Because no one can take that from you!


Q: What is something that has helped you in regards to financial knowledge?

Your future self will be glad you read.                  – Josh

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