7 Online Tutoring Jobs for Teachers Who Need to Make More Money

Everyone wants to go to college – or at least every parent wants their child to go!

Tracking the laws of supply and demand, education and learning is a top priority for more families now than ever, hence the dramatic increase in online tutoring services and online tutoring jobs.

College acceptance rates may be higher, but so are the requirements. Parents are constantly looking to help their kids get a leg up with either mastering subjects like math, science, English, foreign languages, or preparing for the SAT/ACT tests.

The concept of tutoring isn't new, however, the demand for online tutoring has grown significantly, which is why tutoring has become the perfect way to make more money from home for:

  • Teachers
  • Stay at home moms
  • Professionals looking to give back
  • Those in search of additional income

Here is a list of the best online tutoring jobs and some other ideas to help you make money tutoring!

Best Online Tutoring Jobs to Explore:


  • Requirements: Bachelor's Degree (any subject), Legal Status, & Expierence working with children
  • Subjects Available: English to foreign students
  • Pay Rate: Hourly – $14-$22 per hour
  • Apply Here

VIPKid is the most known online tutoring website out there, boasting over 30,000 tutors worldwide! They specialize in teaching English to foreign students (primarily Chinese students).

If you're looking to work remotely, work at home – whatever you want to call it – VIPKid is a great start if you come from a teaching background.

Tutors who have used VIPKid before have noted that the students are typically eager to learn, but the hours are weird due to the fact that you're often tutoring someone on the complete other side of the world!

VIPKid pays based on experience and is the most popular online tutoring destination for career teachers. While there are options to tutor if your college student or if you're even still in high-school when considering your options VIPKid should be considered by professional teachers (Read this VIPKid review for more info)

They have their own way of doing things and a rigid vetting process to hire tutors. However, if you're a teacher, don't let that deter you! VIPKid is growing like crazy and someone who can dedicate 20 hours a week can make an extra $400 per week!


  • Requirements: Bachelor's Degree (any subject), Legal Status, & Expierence working with children
  • Subjects Available: English to foreign students
  • Pay Rate: $20 per hour

Think of all the times you were stuck doing your homework and wishing you had a teacher to help. Well, now you have Chegg, which fills the gap for students with their instant online tutoring services!

Chegg tutors is available to those who want to tutor online not just in the states, but worldwide! And unlike VIPKids or QKids, Chegg online tutoring as a wide variety of subjects they offer to students.

Online tutoring services are in high demand, especially for the ids taking AP chemistry and the other advanced classes. Which is why Chegg is a greate remote tutoring position to consider.

Offering humanities all the way to engineering and test prep, Chegg is a great option for college students who want to tutor online or stay at home moms with college experience.

However, Chegg does online tutoring in a different way, offering what they call “Online demand tutoring.” Essentially, their business model leverages the need of instant learning that students around the world might need when doing homework or studying.

To qualify you will need to pass a test in your subject area and you can apply online to Chegg here.


  • Requirements: No degree required, 18+ with social security number
  • Subjects Available: All
  • Pay Rate: Set Your Own

Wyzant is similar to tutoring on your own, aside from the 25% commission fee Wyzant keeps for leveraging their platform and lessons (keep reading for options to keep 100% of you tutoring income).

Similar to how Uber keeps a portion of all the ride shares that happens around the world, Wyzant operates in a similar fashion. The upside of using Wyzant to tutor online besides the fact you can set your own rates is their referral program.

Those who choose to tutor online with Wyzant get to keep 100% of the tutoring fees for student's they refer. So hypothetically, if you're a teacher and you refer former students to Wyzant then tutor them – you keep 100% of what you charge. Wyzant makes their money on the 9% fee they charge students for all lessons!

Additionally, Wyzant promotes hassle-free payments, so if you want to set your own rates apply to be a Wyzant tutor here.


  • Requirements: Bachelor's Degree, college sophmore or higher, legal resident
  • Subjects Available: Common core academic subjects
  • Pay Rate: Depends on subject
  • Apply below

If you're like me, you would have never thought the largest online tutoring program would be VIPKid… but don't worry – Tutor.com does pretty well too.

The company has been around since 1998 and boasts 16 million individual tutoring sessions with over 3,000 active tutors. They over a wide variety of subjects, ranging from kindergarden all the way to adult learning.

Tutoring.com allows college students to tutor and make some additional income while requiring at least a five hour per-week commitment. That being said, five hours a week can mean an extra $75-$100 per week – which can easily cover college rent or a few utility bills!

Apply to Tutor.com

Use Zoom & Private Tutor

  • Requirements: None, but a teaching background helps.
  • Subjects Available: Any, math & reading are high demand areas.
  • Pay Rate: Hourly – $25-$50 per hour

If you can make it happen, tutoring on your own terms might be your best bet, especially if you want to keep 100% of the money you make!

Just about everyone knows what Zoom is with the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic, the if anything the pandemic caused ever more online tutoring (which is good for your tutoring side hustle).

Whether you're a teacher or not, chances are parents are more than willing to pay you to tutor their kids instead of a company. For one it saves them money and secondly tutoring can be more personalized.

At one point as a math teacher, I was able to charge $60 per hour to tutor a set of twins in Algebra 1 every Sunday afternoon. The extra $240 a month was extremely helpful and went towards my student loan payments.

Pros to tutoring on your own include:

  • Set your terms as far as time, pay, and what you will teach
  • Can keep 100% of the money you charge
  • Flexible around your schedule
  • Possible to do online with web applications like Zoom & Skype

Cons to tutoring on your own:

  • Usually need to be a teacher to find kids to tutor
  • Most parents would prefer face to face tutoring
  • Tutoring kids who sometimes don't want to do the work

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  • Requirements: Bachelor's Degree (any subject), Legal Status, & Expierence teaching
  • Subjects Available: English
  • Pay Rate: Hourly – $16-$20 per hour
  • Apply here

Similar to VIPKid, QKids operates in a similar manner connecting Chinese students looking to learn English to English tutors. The difference is QKids requires at least 6 hours of tutoring per week.

If that sounds like something you're interested in, simply apply online then be prepared to complete a round of video demos, training, virtual classes and of course – a background check!

QKids incentivizes tutors with $1 pay raises for those who do a good job or hit 15 lessons in a given week (similar to Uber surge). To apply to Qkids, use this link here.

Find Local Tutor Jobs:

A simple Google search of “Tutoring” brought up seven physical locations near my house in addition to numerous online tutoring companies.

Chances are if you don't want to tutor with an online company like VIPKids or QKids, you can find a physical tutoring company close by like Mathnasium or Huntington Learning Center that will hire you.

For example, Mathnasium has over 650 physical locations nation wide and encourage “Face to Face” tutoring. Brick and mortar tutoring locations are great for:

  • College students looking for a summer tutoring job
  • High school students who are proficient in math or science
  • Former teachers
  • Professionals looking to give back or make extra money

You can also look for tutoring online jobs using social media. Simply visit local Facebook Groups or search for #tutoring on Instagram near you to find tutoring jobs.

If you decide to go with the local tutoring route, the requirements will vary depending on location:

  • Requirements: Vary, some require degrees, others require proficiency in a certain subject area
  • Subjects: All
  • Pay Rate: Hourly, Part-time, Full-time (varies by location)

Visit High Schools & Community Colleges

In addition to advertising tutoring services online, you can also consider making visits to local high schools or community colleges to inquire about tutoring services.

Chances are there are students in need of tutoring, especially when it comes to higher-level subject areas like advanced math classes, advanced placement classes, and community college classes.

This might not be the remote job you wished for, but it can be with technology like Zoom, Google Hangout and Skype once you land a few students to tutor. Using the chat and screen sharing features allows you to accomplish the same thing tutors did 20 years ago!

Final Word on Online Tutoring:

Tutoring online is a great option for anyone looking to earn some extra money with the feeling of giving back at the same time. There are tons of work from home jobs out there like virtual assistants, freelance workers, and data entry jobs. But tutoring separates itself in that you can help others learn.

Stay at home moms, busy professionals, and even college students working towards a degree make great candidates for online tutoring jobs!

Word of caution for teachers when it comes to tutoring:

I once asked my wife, a physical therapist, to massage my shoulder and do a join manipulation.

She looked at me like I was crazy and proceeded to say, “I do this all day, I am not doing this at home too.”

Point taken. I share this with you because as a teacher of 10+ years and as someone who has tutored privately in the past, it's best to keep in mind that you don't want to burn yourself out.

While tutoring can be flexible, fun, and simple – if you're teaching full-time in addition to tutoring, don't bite off more than you can chew! Create a plan and tutor a few hours a week to start to see how you like it!

If you decide that you don't like tutoring in addition to teaching, there are other ways to make money online that you can leverage like starting a blog, freelancing, or even renting a room out.

For a complete list of other ways to make money, check this article out!