11 Nice Things To Do For Your Wife (This Week!)

Maybe it’s just me, but what’s a playa supposed to do when his wife is busy shopping at the outlet mall?


Besides playing on social media and thinking of all the things I would rather be doing, other than wandering aimlessly from store to store, what is there to do?

Sure I could watch my ESPN app and text my friends, but the right answer might surprise you:

You should embrace the moment.

Especially if shopping is something she enjoys (Just make sure you have a predetermined budget).

In other words, it doesn’t kill you to do something nice for your wife. So, here is a list of 11 nice things to do for your wife over the next few months.

What you will learn in the next 4 minutes:

  • 11 quick, and simple nice things to do for your wife
  • How to immediately earn brownie points
  • Create some sparks in your marriage
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11 Nice Things to Do For Your Wife

1. Go shopping with her.

I already touched on it, but if your wife wants to do something that makes her happy, don’t gripe or complain, be like Nike and just do it!

Whether it is shopping for food or a new pair of shoes for the next wedding you’re going to, smile and be happy the entire time. It will make her happy and that is the goal.

Your wife will also appreciate the effort if you tell her you actually want to go shopping! While you're shopping, download Shopkick and get ‘kicks' as you shop by simply walking into stores!

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2. Tell her you love her often.

Is it better to say I love you 30x on the first day of the month or 1x per day every day of the month?

While saying “I love you,” isn’t necessarily quantifiable, it won't hurt to say it often. Not only will you earn brownie points, but it also is psychologically rewarding for both involved.

Try this the next time you find yourself in an argument:

Say these magic words, “I am sorry, I love you.”

You might be amazed at how quickly your argument ends!

Quick Note: Will solving or fixing this argument matter in 5 years? Ask that question and if the answer is no just simply stop arguing.

3. Don’t get upset if things you do go unnoticed.

couple money moves

Chances are you have done some nice things for your spouse in the past.

However, there is also the high likelihood you have done something that has gone unnoticed… and then you felt a little upset or even disrespected.

“How is it possible she didn’t notice that I did the dishes and folded the laundry!?”

While this can be somewhat unsettling and possibly prevent you from going above and beyond in the future, once again change your reference point.

For example, maybe your wife didn’t notice you did some chores around the house but don’t do them because you expect something in return. Do the chores because you’re being nice!

On a side note, they will notice it was done when down the road they don’t have to do it!

4. Open the car door.

Who said chivalry is dead?

Opening the car door is just one way to show your level of kindness to your wife. Nothing says or makes a quick friendly gesture like opening the car door.

It takes all of about 10 seconds to open the door for your wife, but just by opening it your nice points are quickly accumulating.

Not to mention the positive psychological impact being kind/giving (Opening the door) can have for both your spouse and you.

Or as Dr. Ritvo of Psychology Today puts it,

Helping others is often a highly social activity, which creates a beautiful cycle of smiling. When you smile the whole world smiles with you because you are triggering their mirror neurons. Both the giver and the receiver can directly impact each other's brain in a positive way.”

Who knew opening the door for your spouse could have such a large impact. Remember it is the small things that always add up!

5. Stay fit.

This one is 100% on you, but staying fit is not only good for your health…but it is a great way to honor your wife.

Similar to the positive chemical release opening the door can create, working out will release endorphins that will make you happier and more fun to be around.  Looking fit and staying in shape is also a great way to communicate to your wife that you care.

A common complaint amongst spouses is complacent. Staying fit helps avoid that complacency in a relationship. For some tips to getting and staying healthy, just use these quick workouts:

  1. EMOM – Every minute on the minute workouts for 15 minutes
  2. HIIT – High-intensity interval training
  3. WOD – Workout of the day

6. Read books in front of her.

Don’t confuse being nice with just doing nice things for your wife.

Just like taking care of your health shows your wife your intent, any self-improvement just makes your significant other happy. One way to improve… read in front of her.

Reading novels and sports magazines is technically reading, but self-growth reading is what we are going for here. Check out this list of books to read that are especially great for relationships:

  1. Five Love Languages
  2. Love & Respect
  3. Financial Freedom (Take them finances serious)

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    7. Work on your bad habits.

    No matter how you look at it, we all have bad habits. Sometimes our habits may or may not bother our wives.

    However, if you have a habit or two that your wife doesn’t like – do your best to try and work on them, for the sake of being nice to her.

    Like #3, don’t get upset if the hard work goes unnoticed, stay steady, and work at improving your bad habits. Just make sure to always do it with a positive attitude.

    What are some habits you can improve on to be nice to your wife? Here are quick few:

    1. Do things before she asks
    2. Help with the dishes
    3. Stop swearing
    4. Don’t get defensive
    5. Avoid stonewalling in an argument

    See also, How to Habit Stack!

    8. Be spontaneous.

    “Put your stuff down, were going to see that new chick flick at the movies.”

    How happy would your wife be to get home from work and you surprise her?

    Being nice to your wife means thinking about her. What better way to display this than going out of your way to surprise her.  This can also mean gift-giving for no apparent reason.

    For a list of 60 gift ideas, check out The Knot.

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    9. Make boring things fun.

    Life can’t be 24/7 entertainment. That is why adolescents these days struggle with school so much.

    In other words, embrace the moment and learn to make boring things fun. Call it flirting, but when you have to do something that maybe isn’t so enjoyable, see how you can make it fun.

    Creating laughter in your relationship is a must anyways. Think of funny memories and talk about them or just be silly. Either way, your wife will love it.

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    10. Put your phone away.

    If someone made this list 20 years ago it would only be a list of 10, because this wouldn’t apply.

    However, with the digital age in full effect, learning to put your phone away (Not in your pocket) is a must in a relationship.

    Want to be nice to your wife? Make sure she knows she is more valuable to you than your phone. Sure when my wife was shopping I could have played on my phone, or I could have paid attention to her.

    Look at your screen time app real quick, chances are you’re spending lots of time on your phone.

    So next time when you and your wife get home, put your phone in the room and forget about it. Whatever is on it can wait!

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    11. Make her feel special daily.

    You don’t have to swing for the fences every day and knock it out of the park to be nice to your wife.

    Doing kind and subtle things on a daily basis will add up. Making your wife feel special daily by giving her genuine compliments, listening to her, and helping her with difficult tasks makes her feel important and loved.

    And when your wife is loved, which is what she wants, she will respect you (Which is what most men desire). Like a self-licking ice cream cone, it just goes round and round.

    My take when it comes to doing nice things for your wife.

    Just thinking about how bored I was when my wife tried on summer dress after summer dress is 100% the wrong way of thinking.

    The way I felt at the outlet mall is probably the same way she feels when I discuss college football statistics with my old buddies. In other words, how many times has she done something nice for me, such as not complaining about my sports obsession, that has gone unnoticed on my end?

    That is when it hit me that I should make sure I smile every time she tried something on, tell her she looks great and remember to look up from my phone when she talks to me.

    Actually, next time I'll just leave my phone in the car.

    nice things to do for your wife

    Q: What are some nice things you can do for your wife/husband?

    P.S. Feel free to share with your husband if he needs a few of these 🙂