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If you have been reading Money Life Wax for a day or since I got started in mid August, you probably have asked yourself what the wax part is all about. Like everything, there is a backstory.


My idea of a blog was not something that I concocted overnight, well actually it sort of is. Lauren and I had been slaying debt and living below our means for quite some time. We realized it wasn’t really that hard and we were thankful we had people in our lives encouraging us. Then it hit me, I could start a blog to share how we were doing it so others could benefit.


I actually started the blog in about 4 hours and made numerous mistakes on the way, (That you can read about here) like naming my original site MoneyLifeandTheWholeBallofWax.com.



Who is seriously going to type all of that in a search bar?



More importantly than just talking about money, I really wanted to inspire others just to take some action in life. Taking action has never been an issue for me, sometimes my impulsivity kills me like just buying a truck in 2014. On the other hand, as an educator I can see that action doesn’t always come naturally.


Action can be scary. Some people will never leave their comfort zone because the thought of failure can be intimidating. So with our little bit of debt slaying success and desire to inspire others, we started Money Life Wax. Prior to beginning a new financial journey in 2016, Lauren and I had been scouring different websites, literature and ways to grow or mindset in order to be able to make more of a positive impact. I thought, how cool would it be to offer something all on one website.



The Money Part.



The recurring theme we kept coming across is that money is just a tool. It takes the shape of the person who has it. We also realized this – the more we were focused on just our situation the less happy we would be. The real reason we are passionate about getting out of debt and having more financial stability is so we can have control and options to say yes to others.


I have always wanted to be the guy who said, “I got it,” when we went to dinner or if a family member needed help. However, with large quantities of student loan debt, that is just not possible at the moment. Not to mention the lifestyle we were trying to live on the income we made was not adding up.


We had to be honest with our finances and make changes. And unfortunately, I don’t think people are truly honest enough with their finances. Especially the younger generation, also known as – my least favorite word – millennials.


If I could get one thing across with Money Life Wax it would be this:

Stop trying to keep up with everyone else and neglecting your long term happiness.


Life is full of give and take. I really believe that every time I traded short term gratification I was taking away from longevity, security, and enduring happiness. I was by far the most short term thinking person you might have ever met! If you are wondering where to even start here are 7 Steps for Financial Security. 


So yessss… Money is very important. Every time I hear someone say money isn’t everything I chuckle. I have never met a person with an abundance of money say that. It is typically someone lacking financial security who uses that cute saying to justify their position.


But money is not the end all be all and everyone has their belief systems in regards to money. It is just (sometimes unfortunately), a necessary component of life. Which led me to believe that if more people were financially secure, how much better would their life be? Hence the life part!



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The Life Part.


When narrowing down the names for the blog, I realized that as much as we all can use some financial guidance, we can all benefit from growing in the life skills department. It is not one or the other, most of the time the two go hand in hand.


Financial security is not a dollar amount. Financial security is ensuring you live a great life.


I have met people with globs of income and terrible marriages. I have met people with very little income, but are happily married and live a great life. What is common factor?


It is how you CHOOSE to live your life.


We are all in life based on the choices we have made up to this point. I really hate this sometimes, but we choose our careers, friends, partners, and how we live. I did not want to create a personal finance web blog that was just focused on money. Money Life Wax was designed not only to help with finances, but hopefully spark something within readers that moves them to be better, whatever that means to them.



Wax is random



The Wax Part.


I know , I know, you are probably really wondering what the wax part is all about. The proverbial phrase “Whole Ball of Wax” refers to everything. For all intent of Money Life Wax, it refers to everything going well, be it career, relationships, finances, you name it – all is good. That is my idea of the whole ball of wax.


Just like I am a firm believer that a healthy financial portfolio is the result of discipline, hard work and persistence, every area in life will take the same ingredients. Wax just seemed fitting for what I was going for.


Wax is also so incredibly random that I sort of just like it. I own another domain, Money Life Mindset, but I stuck with Money Life Wax. Ask anyone who knows me (or just read my blog posts), random fits my personality.


But the most important thing – I hope Money Life Wax helps YOU! 


That is my goal, to help people with their money, their life, and hopefully everything will go well, also known as the the whole ball of wax! Stay tuned for a great guest post next week and WAX ON!



Q: If you could start a blog what would you name your domain or site? Read about starting a blog here if your interested!


Your future self will be glad you read.            – Josh

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