Money Life Wax – What is the Wax Part About?

If you have been reading Money Life Wax for a day – or since I started my blog – you've probably have asked yourself this question at some point…

What's up with the whole wax thing?

I get the money part, I understand the life reference… but what is up with the word wax? Like most things, there is a back story.

For starters, my idea of a blog was not an idea that I concocted overnight and just started one day…

Oh, wait (insert wondering emoji) that is actually how it all happened.  Truth be told, about 45 minutes of thought went into starting Money Life Wax, which is how I initially ended up with

**Who is seriously going to type all of that in a search bar?**

While maybe I didn't dedicate as much time as I should have to create a great name, the wax part sorta just stuck. My goal was to create a blog that talked about money and life, but also encompassed many other elements – hence the whole ball of wax reference.

Here is the full back story about how Money Life Wax got its start, got its name and the backstory behind the meaning of “Wax”!

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What's the backstory with Money Life Wax?

money life wax mascot
Morgan – the MLW Mascot!

I actually started the Money Life Wax domain, designed the website, and wrote my 1st article all in about 4 hours.

As you could imagine it was HIGH-quality content… aside from the numerous mistakes I made (That you can read about here) like having no voice, no avatar, and about .01% clue of what I was actually doing when it came to blogging and just literally saying whatever I felt like for about 6 months.

While I may have been amatuer status as it pertained to blogging – my intent was really good.

My goal behind Money Life Wax was to talk about personal finance. But…more important than just talking about money, I really wanted to inspire others just to take some action in their lives.

Truthfully, taking action has never been an issue for me. My impulsivity even gets the best of me at times, but it's always been an asset when it comes to making stuff happen.

After starting our journey to pay off multiple six figures in student loans in 2016, we came across tons of literature and content with regards to paying off debt, but I always felt like one thing was missing.

The mindset behind actually making it happen.

So while creating my blog took all of about four hours, I had been asking myself for quite some time “How can we make a bigger impact?” And this is what I came up with:

The Money Part.

“Time is money” is by far one the worst sayings out there. In reality, “Money is TIME!” The more money you have, the more time you can create to do the things you enjoy.

The recurring theme I wanted to stress with Money Life Wax was that money is just a tool. Money takes the shape of the person who has it.  The intent behind writing about money was to provide enough insight and personal experience with money to provide tons of perspective!

We also realized this when it came to money – the more we were focused on just our situation the less happy we would be. The real reason we are passionate about getting out of debt and having more financial stability was so we could show others they can do it too!

When it came to money we realized:

  • With an overly abundant amount of student loan debt, we were not the people we were meant to be because of financial stress
  • The lifestyle we were trying to live on the income we made was not adding up.
  • Life was hitting us left and right, but we needed to still manage your finances
  • At the end of the day, we needed to be honest with our finances and make changes.

The last bullet is where I, unfortunately, found most young adults resided when it came to money. Most were not truly honest enough with their finances, especially the younger generations (Millennials and below).

My goal was to stress that the FOMO and YOLO money approach was working and to:

Stop trying to keep up with everyone else and neglecting your long term happiness.

Ultimately, life is full of give and take. I really believe that every time I settled for some short term gratification, I was taking away from my long term security and enduring happiness. 

So here is what I am getting at, yes… money is very important. But money is not the end all be all and everyone has their belief systems in regards to money…

It is just (sometimes it sucks that it is), a necessary component of life. Which led me to this conclusion:

What if more people were financially secure, how much better would their life be?

The Life Part.

When narrowing down the names for the blog, I realized that as much as we all can use some financial guidance, we can all benefit from growing in the life skills department too.

The more you think about it, the two really do go hand in hand.

Financial security is not a dollar amount. Financial security is ensuring you live a great life on your terms that makes you really happy.

We have all met people with globs of income and terrible marriages. Or the people who hardly make anything, live below their means, but are happily married and live a great life. What is a common denominator in both of these types of people?

They CHOOSE the life the live.

Whether we want to believe it or not – we are all in life based on the choices we have made up to this point.

As much as I really hate this sometimes, it couldn't be truer. We choose our educational paths, our careers, friends, partners, and how we even live our lives each day.

Sure – there are layers to the choices we can and can't make. For example, someone in an oppressed situation can't just decide to start a blog on a whim or put themselves through college just because the chose to. But here is the really big kicker when it comes to choices in general:

Most of the time our choices are not conscious.

Nobody wakes up in the morning and consciously says, today is the day when I will stop working out, I will no longer live on a budget and I am going to make sure I waste most of my youth having fun.

That type of stuff, while still a choice, just happens subconsciously.

That is where the “Life” part of Money Life Wax comes in. Not only to did we want to create a resource to help others with their finances. I wanted to always help people with all the little things that add up in our lives.

Let's face it – if you don't have your life together – it will be hard to get your finances in order. This leads to the last piece of the equation…

The Wax Part.

The proverbial phrase “Whole Ball of Wax” refers to basically… everything.

For all intent of Money Life Wax's use of “Wax”, it refers to everything going well, be it a career, relationships, finances, you name it – because you took the effort to make it all come together.

Just like I am a firm believer that a healthy financial portfolio is the result of discipline, hard work, and persistence, every area in life will take the same ingredients. 

Wax just seemed fitting for what I was going for. Let's be honest, Wax is also incredibly random.

Ask anyone who knows me (or just read my blog posts), random and closet-weird fits my personality type. But the most important thing about Wax isn't about me, it's about you!

I hope Money Life Wax helps YOU! 

Because WAX is moldable. 

You can do or make it what you want. Which is what I want it to be for you when you read articles on Money Life Wax!

That is my goal, to help people with their money, their lives, and hopefully, everything will go well, also known as the whole ball of wax!