Money, Blogging, & Drywall (Take Action)

So you may or may not know, but a few weeks back my wife Lauren and I decided to do something a bit drastic – we tore down the wall that separated our kitchen and our dining area.

You might be wondering why I am telling you about this… but if you make it through the next 100 or so words you’ll quickly see the connection to personal finance… and it is a good one.  

We had been kicking the idea around about taking out the wall for some time. Truthfully, we kept putting it off saying next winter break, or next summer or whenever. Then one Sunday morning after about 4 straight days of rain we woke up and decided to take action. We grabbed a hammer, crowbar and a box cutter and went to town on the wall.

And now… I am able to relate this mini-home remodel project to personal finance & blogging.

Here is how all three relate: Taking action in anything requires you to START.

Taking action in life.

take action in your life

When it came to personal finance, we flirted for a while with some different things. We would save some money then spend it on a vacation. We would pay off a car and then buy a brand new vehicle. But when we finally took ACTION things started to fall into place.

In fact, had we not started taking action with regards to paying off student loans and becoming debt free there is zero chance I am sitting here writing on Money Life Wax right now (If you are reading this I take it you like some of what I say… the haters left months ago).

So in fact, as the title says, Money, Blogging, and Drywall are all connected.

Don't Wait Around.

Like I mentioned earlier, we waited around a good two years to tear down the wall in between our kitchen. Tearing down the wall was not the part that we were scared of, it was what we had to do after.

Fix the floor, build a half wall, move electrical outlets, drywall, finish the drywall, paint and then reconsider the floors.

Just like remodeling – money works the same way in a sense. It was not that we were scared of paying off student loans, we were worried about the what if. Would paying off loans make it look like we were taking a step back in “societies eyes?”

The quicker we realized opinions don’t pay bills and at the end of the day our long-lasting happiness was online we blocked out the fear AKA WE TORE DOWN THE WALL!

Everything you do in life will take action.

Starting a blog took action. It was a bigger project than I ever expected. Just like paying off multiple 6 figures of student loan debt, there is layers to everything. The same can be said for just about anything in life.

Blog Money Life Wax

Building up the inertia to take action can sometimes be the hardest part. Tons of what if scenarios run through your brain:

  • What will people think if I stop going out every weekend?
  • What will happen if we downsize our cars and don’t like them?
  • What if we delay on some good for the great and it doesn't work out?
  • But, what if we go for it and everything ends up amazing?

It took nearly two years to pull the trigger to tear down a wall.

It took me two days to pull the trigger to start a blog.

And it will take about four years to pay off all of our student loans when it is all said and done.

Have all three been worth it?

You bet!! Anything you put your mind to is worth it!

The “new” kitchen is amazing. The space it has created speaks for itself. There was more work involved and we are not even close to being fully done. It has actually led to other ideas too! Just like starting to pay off debt led to creating a personal finance blog, remodeling has led to other things as well.

We have decided we are going to refinish the old cabinets and add knobs to all the cabinet doors. I’ve learned to do drywall on my own and finish it as well. I am not sure how it will turn out but I guess we will see in the coming weeks.

And all of this has happened because of action. The initial action gets you started, more action keeps you going, and taking action will even cure fear.

Sometimes taking that leap of faith is the most rewarding experience.

I wouldn't have started a marketing company, helped my 19-year-old brother with his new lawn care company, or created a blog without taking action.

What are you putting off?

Financially, in life, or maybe even at work, what are you putting off?

Myself included, we all put things off. Whether it is a long term kitchen remodel – or finally saving that money for a home down payment, what can you do to start taking action?

I recently read procrastination is one of the biggest things people do to avoid something. Much like myself in school and just about everything else in life, I waited until the last minute to do everything.

I am not sure if it had something to do with short term thinking or the fact I was avoiding doing it in the first place, but man was I a procrastinator. However, over time with maturity and more awareness, I have been able to fight the impulse of procrastination, yet it still takes daily effort!

When it comes to personal finance, procrastination is extremely detrimental.

The longer you wait to pay off debt, save, or prepare the future chances are the less you will have in the long run. In my article “5 Rules to Stop Making Money Complicated,”

Front loaded interest mortgages, crazy student loan rates, and auto payments only make it harder to do what we truly love if we let them drag on. 

My suggestion is to write down three simple things you want to take action in the next few days and do just that – take action!!

Q: What walls do you need to tear down?