How to Make More Money At Work, Home & 10+ Other Ways

Perhaps you're someone who finds themselves stressing over how you're going to afford new tires for your car, braces for your kids, or even how to pay everyday bills.

If we are all being honest, everyone has felt the pressure of not having “Enough Money” at some point in their life.

Insert whatever money problem you currently face and chances are there is actually a very simple solution to fixing it:

Making More Money.

Today we are going to explore why it is important to make more money and effective ways to help you do just that!

First, identify why you need to make more money.

Maybe you would like to travel more. Or, maybe you are like me and want to be debt free. Perhaps, you just want to make sure at the end of the month you are not in the red, but instead in the black for the first time in your life.

Regardless of what it is you need money for, you will need to identify WHY you need to make more money.

The litany of issues money can solve include:

  • Getting out of debt
  • Creating an emergency savings
  • Achieving financial goals
  • Less financial stress
  • More time (with more income)
  • Peace of mind
  • More options
  • More control
  • New tires

You get the point. However, it is vital to know why, so I pose a question… how do you make more money?

How to Make More Money At Work:

Below you will find tips to making more money at work! These are typically the quickest ways to making more money, though not always guaranteed.

1. Ask for a raise at work.

Want to know the quickest way to make more money? Go into work and ask for a raise.

Sounds simple right? It actually is really simple.

Unless you are like me and you are on a printed pay scale, asking for a raise at work doesn't have to be so dreaded. In fact – if you haven't gotten one in some time, it's not a bad idea!

Aaron over at PF for Beginners put it this way –

As much as I love side hustling, the fastest way to make more money is often to ask for a raise at work. Research to see if you're being paid appropriately for your role/city. Accept more responsibilities. Become irreplaceable. Understand budget cycles to ask at the right time.

Now, this doesn't mean you ask for a raise every week, there is a strategy behind asking for a raise and it starts with knowing your value to the company.

>> Use this step by step guide to help you ask for a raise the right way!

2. Pick Up Extra Shifts/Work Overtime

If you're not in line for a promotion or a raise is out of the question, perhaps you can pick up an extra shift/work overtime.

Instead of hiring more employees (more benefits) you can help your company by covering extra shifts that are available. This helps you make extra money.

Ideally, it's nice if you can work one extra hour per day or a half day on weekends. Similarly to asking for a raise, if you know OT is available, ask for an extra shift!

Alternatively, you could also pick up a part-time job in the same niche!

3. Climb the ladder, hustle more.

In some professions like teaching, the only way to get a raise is to move up the ladder.

This is true for most professions. That is one way to make more money, climb the ladder in your current job. Also, if you are commission based, hustle more and see what you can create.

Often times it has little to do with our effort, but really the amount of action we take and our efficiency. Try using some time management techniques to see if you can create more volume, thus make more money, at work for yourself!

How to Make More Money Online:

1. Fill out Surveys (Quickest)

I am not going to lie, you will not become rich filling out surveys, but $25 is $25. If you can use this guide to filling out surveys and make $25-$50 a week more power to you!

The best survey sites & apps include:

  1. Survey Junkie
  2. Swagbucks
  3. MyPoints
  4. KashKick

2. Write an Amazon eBook.

While this might only apply to a few of the writer type people, writing an e-book evidently isn't as complicated as some might think. A blogger recommended this and here is a simple link on how one author made $42,000 selling Kindle E-books.

If you have a story to tell, or maybe expertise in any area, I say go for it!

Keep in mind though, you will need a few prerequisites to make more money writing an eBook and that first starts with being able to write (seriously).

The best eBook's usually offer very niche specific advice or a real cool story that is sharable. None the less, consider this a long term project to make more money!

While you work on it, you can freelance instead to make more money online!

3. Freelance

Freelancing to make more money is nothing new.

What is new, is the fact that many of us can now do it online and it doesn't take much effort to land a freelance gig these days. Whether you're interested in freelance writing, freelance design, videography or editing – there is a place for you somewhere to make more money online.

Similar to data entry, freelancing is a legit way to flexibly make money from home. If you like writing articles (me) or enjoy designing graphics for social media, considering freelancing to make more money.

How to find freelance jobs:

  1. Freelance writing, use these 5 companies
  2. Visit Fivver or Upwork
  3. Freelance graphic design, talk to small business owners
  4. Checkout social media groups or twitter (many bloggers need freelance help)
  5. Offer free services to friends/family, then use that to promote your work to find paying clients

4. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a term we may have all heard, but don't really understand. Simply put, it means doing everything online in terms of marketing for a company.

I have a small digital marketing company that helps me earn an extra $1,500+ each month.

Managing social media pages, replying to google comments, site modifications, SEO work pretty much sums up digital marketing. It does require a simple background, but I learned as I went to be quite honest. 

I always look to provide value in other ways by being as creative as possible for my clients. While it might take a little more energy than selling some stuff at a yard sale, I am really enjoying the work!

5. Start a Blog

This is my go to (obviously, I am a blogger) for making money long term that can even be passive.

It will take work, but starting a blog that makes a $1,000 per month can happen in 6-12 months. You don't have to know every single nuance of blogging, simply start by doing the following:

  1. Get hosting for as low as $3 per month
  2. Create a domain
  3. Think of a niche
  4. Write 5 articles (they will probably suck, that is OK)
  5. Stay steady and set a goal
  6. Read up on blogging
  7. Take a course on blogging
  8. Avoid these blogging mistakes

Sound easy? It isn't.

It's simple but easy and simple are different. You will need to stay consistent but blogging can be lucrative especially when you land sponsorships and paid advertisements!

6. Use Apps to Make More Money

Since the inception of the smart phones, apps have changed how we live our everyday lives, including how we make money.

There are countless apps that now allow users to make money in a variety of ways be it doing surveys, watching vides, investing, cash-back etc. That being said, most apps are NOT going to make you rich.

However, $5 here and there adds up. And $5 in the market doubles every 10 years on average. Consider using some of the following money-making apps to help you:

Other Apps:

Use Hobbies to Make More Money:

Let's pretend you really like working out, or maybe you are a book nerd and like numbers. Maybe numbers are not your thing but you love baking.

Whatever it is, don't be afraid to monetize your hobby. For starters, you are already passionate about said hobby. Why not help others along the way.

Any good business model provides a service that others opt into. So if someone wants to get into shape and you have the ability to help them… boom that is a win-win scenario.

I have heard of people baking wedding cakes for friends. Saving the newlyweds thousands while helping someone else make some side change doing what they love.

To start, create a list of things you enjoy or you are good at. Then think of people who might benefit from your services.

Stop Spending So Much Money:

OK. I will admit I wanted to avoid this… but it honestly needs to be included. I read a statistic one time that during the 2008-2009 housing crisis most families were about $350 away from being just fine.

There wasn't some astronomical amount of money that was hurting them – it was a couple of hundred dollars.

While the crisis was obviously multi-layered and varied from person to person, want to see how easy it is to create $300 in a budget?

  1. Cut cable = $125
  2. Reduce cell phone package = $50-100
  3. Limit eating out = $100-200 per month
  4. Cut the Gym Membership = $60
  5. Sell off expensive automobiles – $200-$500
  6. Pay off consumer debt = $

These figures are not exact, but they are pretty close to what my wife and I did in 2015/2016 when we started taking our finances pretty serious.

Trust me we survived without eating out as much and getting rid of the expensive gym membership. We actually are in better shape now then when we had the gym membership (we started really assessing what we ate).

Just by cutting a few areas that are controllable – someone can save anywhere from $100 all the way to $800+!

Feel free to use this Google Budget Sheet template here.

In the end, making more money will allow you to do what you want.

If you want to travel, spend more time with family, do what it is you truly love – most of the time it requires money. By creating some extra revenue sources you will most likely be happier and get to do more of what you want.

Final Word:

You could be one of those people who hits it big using Cryptocurrency. Or maybe you are like me you are always thinking of new ways to make money work for you. I have chalked it up to a simple analogy. 

If someone wanted to lose or gain weight, it is actually pretty simple. Exercise more, eat healthier options, track your intake and calories burned – all while staying really consistent.

While there might be plenty of variables involved with health goals, there is no shortage of information on how to reach health goals. The information is out there. Typically it is action and consistency that prevents most from accomplishing their desired result.

However, making more money is not necessarily as simple as shedding a few spare pounds. For one, the blueprint is different from person to person. While someone might want to make money with computers, someone else might be completely ignorant as far as computers goes.

For example, I am not really capable of making money as a carpenter, but my stepdad is. However, my stepdad would have a more challenging time running a digital marketing company.

Q: How can you make more money?