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Ever ask yourself how you can make some extra money? What does an extra $300-600 a month do for you?

In my most recent post I showed how using the debt snowball with $600 could help a couple wipe out $60,000 worth of debt in just over 3 years. In 10 years, that same couple could be mortgage free just using that same extra $600. Though I think most people can find $600 within their budget just by reallocating some funds, a co-worker of mine said the problem is most people do not have an extra $600. Fair enough, so I decided to write about 5 simple ways we have made money this month – side hustle money.


1.Sell stuff. Money made this month: 60$

The quickest way to earn some quick cash is sell your old stuff. Sites like Craigslist and the app Offer Up allow you to sell old things around your house, or in our case wedding decorations and furniture. Some people with talents can generate some income with if they are good at making things like jewelry or have hobbies like woodworking. Selling on is not a bad way to go either. Selling $50 worth of stuff each month is an extra $600 a year!


2. Cashback Cards. Money made this month: $62

Cashback credit cards are tool when used correctly. We believe in the assets and not the liabilities. Just check the nerd wallet list out of the best cards for 2017. Most cards give you cash back after you spend a certain amount. We got the Bank of America Cash Back Card that will give us $150 once we purchases $500 worth of groceries in the first 90 days. If you just did groceries at lets say $400 a month with  3% back, split the 150 over three months and you have an extra $62.00 for three straight months by just changing how you bought your groceries. Always pay attention to the annual fees and make sure you have the discipline not to run the credit card up.

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3. Room Rental: Money made this month: $625.

Rent a room


If you have an extra room sitting around I highly recommend renting it out, especially if you do not have kids yet. Lauren and I have three bedrooms and an extra bathroom. We rent one room out to a government contractor for $625.00 a month. It helps her out tremendously (apartments start at $1100 in Northern, VA) and it helps us. That money covers utilities, HOA, home insurance, and some more. Additionally, my brother and I own an investment property that is currently on the market, prior to selling we rented that out to cover the monthly payment. Room rental annual return: $7500


4. Odd Jobs: Money made on average each month: $80.

Got a lawn mower? Good with a hammer? Know how to mulch or paint? Though odd jobs can be laborsome they are great ways to make quick money by helping others in the process. My neighbor has two kids under the age two and works a lot, so when I cut my grass I do his for him and I make $20 in the process. I got asked my another neighbor to do his as well, making $40 every two weeks. I have painted doors, shutters, done landscaping, and plenty of other odd jobs around just my neighborhood.  Being outside is something I enjoy, I recommend seeing if you can capitalize on a hobby!

money making mower
Money Making Mower

5. Online: Money made this month: $845.

There are a wide variety of ways to make money online these days. Web development is one of the simplest ways, and it has potential for residual income if clients sign up for a site maintenance. Though at times it can be tedious and require some skills, with YouTube and easy to use website companies like WordPress and Wix it is pretty simple to learn. I have heard of people working part time as SEO consultants, something that requires experience and knowledge. The most simple way for us was online marketing. We pull in an roughly $12,000 a year with most of the income becoming more and more residual for work we did in the beginning. This month our check was $845, we have seen checks over $1,100.

If you want to start a blog avoid these early mistakes & follow this simple process to get started: (coming soon)

September total earned: $1,672

In conclusion, I recognize that some of these ways may not apply to you, but everyone has the ability to earn extra income based on their interests. I do not recommend picking up extra shifts or overtime because working more at your job can make you dread your job (even more). Working more is just a short term solution to a long term problem; either you do not make enough or you spend too much.  Most of these side hustles require little short bursts of energy, some no energy at all.


Q: What side hustles have brought money in for you before? Comment below!


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Your future self will be glad you read.                  – Josh

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