Find Your KeyBank Routing Number Fast (By State)

Are you looking for your KeyBank routing number?

Lucky for you, you're at the right place, reading the right blog post, at the right time. The following article will teach you how to quickly find your KeyBank routing number using the following strategies:

  1. Personal Check
  2. Online
  3. Website or Search Engine

But first, why do we have routing numbers anyways and why do we need to know them?

Read Time – 2 Minutes. KeyBank has multiple routing numbers and your routing number depends on what state you live in. For a complete list, keep scrolling or use the table of contents to go to “KeyBank Routing Number By State.”

Why does KeyBank have routing numbers?

I remember when I bought my first home back in the summer of 2010.

When it comes to buying a home, there is a ton of paperwork involved. After closing, once the dust settles, the next step (Besides shopping for window solutions and new furniture) is to set up your utilities.

You know… utilities like the internet, electronics, water, and gas – but not cable that costs too much – are all needed for your new home.

And in the process of setting up your utilities one of the steps in the process is setting up your automatic bill pay using an electronic check. Without fail, every time, you're asked this question:

What's your checking account number and routing number?

While your account number is personalized, your bank's routing number isn't. Which is probably why you are currently reading this article.

Chances are, you just opened up your web browser and searched “How do I find my KeyBank routing number?” and now you’re here. 

KeyBank Routing Number By State:

KeyBank locations can be found in sixteen states throughout the United States of America.

While you don't necessarily need to currently live in the state to have a KeyBank checking account (Think college students in college), your account's routing number is specific to the state you started your account in.

Use the toggle feature below to see the full list of routing numbers for each of the sixteen possible states below.

Routing # By State:

For each state, the ABA routing number applies for wire transfers, ACH and ordering checks, unless otherwise noted!

  • Alaska: 125200879
  • Colorado: 307070267
  • Connecticut: Order checks: 222370440, Wires and ACH: 021300077
  • Florida: 041001039
  • Idaho: 124101555
  • Indiana: 041001039
  • Maine: 011200608
  • Massachusetts: Order checks: 222370440, Wires and ACH: 021300077
  • Michigan: 041001039
  • New York: 021300077
  • Ohio: 041001039
  • Oregon: 123002011
  • Pennsylvania
  • Utah: 124000737
  • Vermont: 211672531
  • Washington: 125000574

From time to time, there could be a special occasion where you might need to find your routing number a different way, in that case, use the following steps below!

Other Ways to Find Your Routing Number:

The quickest way to find your KeyBank routing number is to use the list from above, followed by either online or using a personal check. You can simply use your mobile app or the KeyBank website and login online to find your routing number.

Another option is to go into your office, dust off your checkbook, and find a check and look at the nine-digit number on the bottom left.

What you now know, is KeyBank does not have a standard routing number for all checking account holders. Unlike Capital One, KeyBank has different routing numbers depending on what state you live in.

Below are three quick ways to find your routing number in the event you can't access the list from above! But first, here is what KeyBank itself had to say:

Find the bank routing number for checks and ACH transactions including direct deposit or automatic payments in the account information and settings menu when you log into online or mobile banking.”

Online Account:

How to find your KeyBank routing number online, step by step:

  1. Log on to your online KeyBank account at
  2. Once you're inside of your online account, click Account Information & Settings
  3. Write down or copy and paste your routing number.
Personal Check:

The fastest way to find your routing number is on a personal check if you have it handy. Using the photo below, the first nine-digit code on the bottom left represents your KeyBank routing number.

Did you know: this was the way most people figured out their routing number prior to internet banking!

keybank routing number by state
Call KeyBank

When you're in a pinch and need to figure out your routing number (Perhaps you are not sure what state your checking account is tied to) you can always call KeyBank and ask what your ABA routing number is.

Call this number and simply ask for your routing number: 1800Key2You or 1-800-539-8336.

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KeyBank's SWIFT Code: KEYBUS33

With global banking and eCommerce, there are times when you might have to wire money internationally. For example, my virtual assistant at one point was located in Europe.

To pay her each month, I would use an online banking tool called TransferWise to wire money to her account (Venmo and Paypal couldn't work internationally)

When I set up my account, in order to wire the money internationally, I needed to use my bank's SWIFT code. A financial institution's swift code is similar to the routing number, but instead, it is used for international transfers. According to TrasnferWise, a SWIFT code is:

“A SWIFT code — sometimes also called a SWIFT number — is a standard format for Business Identifier Codes (BIC). It’s used to identify banks and financial institutions globally. It says who and where they are — a sort of international bank code”

A SWIFT code is used to help identify banks globally, similar to how a routing number helps banks identify each other domestically. In the event, you're sending money from KeyBank internationally you will need to know KeyBanks SWIFT code which is:


What’s the purpose of your routing number?

Have you ever sent an email or a letter?

Chances are when you went to send your letter you included the address on the center of the envelope. Or if you are a person who sends about 200 emails per day at work, you use an email address.

Just like a home address or email address, a routing number serves the same purpose – it acts as an identifier!

A routing number serves as an identifier. 

When the American Banking Association created routing numbers, the idea was to let each bank know who the money transfer is going to.

For our use, KeyBank's routing number lets the bank know where to send money for the utility bill or where to deposit our paychecks! Each of the nine digits serves a purpose and aids banking institutions across the country.

KeyBank's Routing Number – How it works:

The first four digits of a routing number are the Federal Reserves Routing symbol (One of 12 banks), followed by a 4 digit number to identify Huntington National Bank, and the last digit is a check digit – which validates the first 8.

Think of your routing number as an address to deliver mail to, but instead of your mail, your money is getting delivered!! Now that you know lots about KeyBank's routing number, you can simply bookmark this page for future use!

Final Word on KeyBank's Routing Number:

Routing numbers were intially designed in 1910 by the American Bankers Association (ABA). Like an address, the purpose was to identify a financial institution.

Some banks, like KeyBank, have a routing number (Also known as an ABA number) for each state.

Hopefully the list above helped you in you quest to find your routing number. Also, remember you can always look at a check or login into your online account, click account information and find your KeyBank routing number that way too!