Need a Hobby? Here Are 53 to Seriously Consider

Even as adults, we need hobbies. We all have to admit that there have been times in our lives when we found ourselves wondering if “I need a hobby.”

Call it boredom, call it unproductivity, call it a challenge. Whatever you decide to name it, most people are constantly seeking out new hobbies they can use to replace old ones, build new habits, or even save money.

Below, you will find some of our top picks for new hobbies to consider. Some will even help you make money and give you a sense of purpose!

I Need a Hobby!

Here is a complete list of hobbies that will fall into several categories:

  • Purpose driven hobbies
  • Challenge hobbies
  • Saving hobbies
  • Bordeom hobbies
  • Money making hobbies

The best way to use the list below is to pick a few and try them. If you find joy in a new hobby, keep trying it and see if it sticks. Bookmark this list to refer back to!

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1. Go Volunteer

What better new hobby is there than to start volunteering? Aside from the health benefits (body & mind), volunteering will give you a sense of purpose and community.

You can volunteer in many forms from coaching sports to helping with local community events. Whatever you decide to do, make it a hobby to volunteer one to two times a month if you're in need of a hobby!

2. Do Some Market Research

Ok, this new hobby might sound fancier than it really is, but when you complete “Market Research” that is just another way to say you are completing some surveys to make money when you're bored.

To start, below you will find the three best survey sites that each offer a decent sign-up bonus!

Best Survey Sites

Survey Junkie:

  • Avg: $1-$3
  • Payout: PayPal
  • Cashout: $10


  • Avg: $.40-2
  • Payout: PayPal
  • Cashout: $25

Inbox Dollars

  • Avg: $1-$5
  • Payout: Prepaid VISA
  • Cashout: $30

3. Learn a New Skill

During the COVID Pandemic, I had a friend who went from zero power tools and building background to completely flipping his entire home. Through habit formation, he created a new hobby of carpentry.

Learning a new skill is fun, challenging, rewarding, and can even make you a better person. Here are some skills to consider:

  • Music 🎵
  • Sports ⚾
  • DIY Skills
  • Gaming 🕹
  • Health

4. Start a Side Hustle

When you are considering a hobby, seriously consider one that you can monetize aka make money with. While there are countless ways to make money outside of your full time, starting a side hustle means you must first consider:

  1. Time spent doing said side hustle
  2. What the end goal is with your new hobby of a side hustle
  3. Do you enjoy it?

While you don't have to nail down the exact answers to those questions, they are good reference points for starting out. Here are some of my favorite side hustles I have personally used:

After years of working outside, I decided to learn how to use computers to make money. Blogging, writing, and web design have all helped me make tons of money, but they have also been fun hobbies of mine too.

I have learned to enjoy designing websites and writing, it is a bonus they help me make extra money! SEO writing has been my bread and butter though, making north of $2,000 a month since starting in 2018!

Need some extra money fast?
  • Quick Cash: Earn up to $50 per week with Survey Junkie
  • Play video games online and get paid with Mistplay
  • Get a free stock with Robinhood when you join.
  • Score $5 when you download Swagbucks
  • Try Trim to save on car insurance & subscriptions!

5. Go Hiking

An inexpensive hobby that is enjoyable and gets you out in nature is hiking. Here is how you can easily create a new hiking hobby:

  • Download the Alltrails app
  • Get some hiking boots OR just use old sneakers
  • Grab some water and go hike!

6. Start Walking

Walking at least 10,000 steps per day can revolutionize your health, life, physical energy, and general well-being. Walking can lead to more exercise and it is a very mentally freeing activity.

Find a loop, take your kids, spouse, pet, or just go solo – but create a new walking hobby!

7. Listen to Podcasts

The podcast market will approach $100 billion by 2028. From the Joe Rogan Experience to the epic true-crime podcast culture, listening to podcasts can provide you with entertainment, education, and cool stories to share!

Platforms you can use Fto listen to podcasts include Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

8. Start a Podcast

Along the lines of listening to podcasts, starting a podcast is a great new hobby to seriously consider. You saw the market share by 2028 ($100 billion) in podcasting, so why not create one yourself?

A perfect side hustle that you can do in your free time and talk about things you enjoy, starting a podcast is worth the consideration!

9. Reading

If you find yourself saying, “I need a hobby” all the time, perhaps the best new hobby and habit you can take on is reading.

Reading has health benefits from a sense that you feel calmer, more productive, energized, and more confident when you read for growth. Additionally, you can easily pick up a reading habit by downloading the Kindle app or just purchasing a few books.

My Top Books:

  1. Atomic Habits
  2. Can't Hurt Me
  3. The One Thing
  4. Where The Crawdads Sing

10. Sell Your Stuff Online

Along the lines of starting a side hustle, a fun money-making hobby you should consider is selling things online. Whether you decide to sell baby clothes, flip furniture, or repurpose other items, selling online can be VERY lucrative.

Popular selling platforms include:

  • Etsy
  • Ebay
  • Poshmark
  • Mecari
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Offer Up
  • Craigslist

Be sure to find out what items sell best and on which platform. For example, baby clothes do well on Facebook and Furniture does create on Facebook and Craiglist. On the other hand, how you present and price items will also help you sell more!

11. Start a Blog

how to start a blog
Learn step by step how to start a blog here:How to Start a Blog That Makes $1,000 Per Month (In 7 Steps)

One of my personal favorite hobbies is blogging.

I won't lie, starting a blog is challenging, but that is also why I truly enjoy it so much! Blogging is more than just writing, but it starts out with a simple way to express yourself and write about things you're personally interested in.

I was passionate about student loans when I started my blog which led to eventually owning a marketing company – all from just needing a new hobby!

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12. Tutor Online

If you want a new hobby, why not have a tutoring hobby?

Helping kids with math, science, history, English, or a foreign language is a great way to give back, especially if you're strong in a particular subject. Making money is a bonus when you tutor online.

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13. Freelance Writing

Along the lines of blogging comes freelance writing. Having a professional writing skill is something you can use to make money or simply write to enjoy. Some people like writing stories.

Typically, freelance writing refers to writing for websites, business owners, and writing advertisements to make money. Sounds like a great hobby to me! 😎

14. Get Fit

Along the lines of hiking, walking, jogging, and being active is just getting more fit. What better hobby can you take ownership of than to get fit!

Most of the time a fitness hobby is more of a fitness habit. Consider easing into a new fitness routine and don't downplay things like golf, yoga, tennis, running, or adventures!

15. Get a Part-Time Job

Some might not consider a part-time job a hobby, but instead a job. However, not all part-time jobs are created equally. For example, if you're super into craft beer, working at a brewery part-time is a hobby that pays you, but more importantly, you're doing something you enjoy!

Cheers to that! 🍻

16. Budget

american's are not budgeting

For the introverts out there, maybe the hobby you need is budgeting! Getting your money right, tracking it with apps such as Mint or Personal Capital, and then saving more is a great idea regardless of who you are!

17. Camping

One of my favorite things to do is camp! 🏕

There is just something about getting outside with nature and disconnecting that so many like myself enjoy (I also like acquiring new camping gear items). While shopping for camping gear is a hobby in itself, spending a day or two in the wilderness every few months is a blast!

Here are a few tips for camping:

  1. Don't underestimate fire safety rules & how to start a fire (I legit got stuck in the woods with no fire and wet wood one time)
  2. Bring just enough stuff – this comes with expierence
  3. Really embrace hiking into the woods to camp
  4. Go with friends!

18. Learn a New Language

With apps like Duolingo and so many more, learning a new language has never been simpler! Make it a habit to listen to other languages' music when you're driving or really dive into learning that second (or third) language!

19. Become a Runner

Running is a great outlet to relieve stress, get into shape, and live longer! Why not make running a new hobby?

  • Join local running groups
  • Get some new running shoes to keep you motivated
  • Signup for a 5k, 10k or even a half marathon!

20. Start Shooting Guns

Target practice, hunting, and gun sports (like clay pigeon shooting) are super popular. While some may have their own viewpoints on guns, in the end, most people don't use guns for violence, but instead, it is a hobby they enjoy.

Keep in mind this requires expertise, training, and responsibility. Start with taking a course if you're considering this one!

21. Biking Hobby

If you don't like running or you simply just want to go further faster, consider road or mountain biking. After 2020, more people purchased bikes and started introducing themselves to outdoor leisure activities. Biking is one of them! 🚲

22. Rowing or Swimming Hobby

I find it hard to get to a pool so I personally use the rowing machine at my local gym, but rowing or swimming are both great hobbies that also have health benefits. You don't have to be great at either, just find a local gym or go to a pool near you and start swimming or rowing!

23. Join a Sports League

Softball leagues, basketball leagues, or even cornhole leagues are suitable options if you find yourself saying “I need a hobby.” A consistent schedule that facilitates comradery with others keeps you accountable to a hobby when you join a league.

Some will keep you fit and to find a sports team or league near you, simply search for it online!

24. Knitting

Want a stimulating yet cheap hobby? Knit! You can even sell your Knitting on Etsy or give them away as gifts!

25. Kayak or Paddle Board

Ever seen an inflatable paddleboard? They're sweet! You can purchase a standup paddleboard (SUP Board) or kayak and find a local water spot to use them. Watersports don't have to be super expensive and paddleboarding/kayaking are great if you need a new hobby.

26. Dancing

Whether you are dancing on TikTok or seriously learning some real dance moves, dancing is a great hobby. Personally, I have found dancing extremely challenging at times, but also rewarding when you get it down!

Consider finding a place to go take dance lessons and make your new hobby a date night as well!

27. Sewing

Similar to knitting, sewing is an awesome hobby to try! My wife's aunt makes baby clothes and sells them online. It started out as a fun hobby! You can sew just about anything you can think of!

28. Painting

Want to learn to paint? Take a learn to paint class at a local YMCA or restaurant. Or, you can even just Youtube how-to paint videos! Stop at a local craft store and get your supplies!

29. Investing

how to invest

Wait, investing is a hobby? For some yes!

Learning to invest isn't as hard as you might think and you can even do auto investing with apps like Acorns.

Ways to invest include:

30. Baking

Baking has its pros and cons!

  • Pros = you get to eat what you bake!
  • Cons = you might gain some weight if you bake too much!

However, if you want to learn to bake, no one is gonna hate on you for it!

31. Edit Videos

For the tech people, there is a huge demand for video editing! However, what you might not know is that editing videos is also super fun if you're into that kind of thing!

32. Watch Online Documentaries

Documentaries are often educational, interesting, or exciting to watch. Want to be more sophisticated or the life of the party? Watch documentaries of all varieties as a hobby! On the other hand, perhaps you watch too many documentaries and you want to try something new, if so – check out #33 below!

33. Become a DIY Person

One of my favorite hobbies is small DIY projects! From accent walls to installing home workout stations, over the years my ability to do it myself has evolved. Tips to DIY hobbies include:

  1. Start small and don't take on something that requires massive expertise
  2. Do a simple project and be sure to complete it before moving to the next
  3. Acquire tools as you go and try to borrow tools when possible
  4. Watch yourself become a DIY pro!

👉 Easy DIY pull-up bar

👉 For more DIY projects start here

34. Write & Listen to Music

If podcasts are not your thing, maybe listening to music and/or writing music can be. If you can write music, that is a cool hobby to consider as well!

35. Play Board Games

board game hobby

Board games are extremely popular right now. People are sick of Netflix binges and video games, hence the uptick in the popularity of board games.

Here is a full list of some of the top board games:

  1. Settlers of Catan
  2. Ticket to Ride
  3. Pandemic
  4. Monoply
  5. Salem 1692

36. Card Games

Similar to board games, card games are a way to stay mentally sharp and form a new hobby.

Whether you play UNO or Hand & Foot, they're are family card games that you can enjoy and play in group settings. Some people even host local meetups to play their card games – talk about an intense hobby!

Want a super fun game? Be sure to play Donner's Dinner Party!

37. Crafts

Making crafts is enjoyable, easy to start, and even something that can also make you money. While just about any hobby can be monetized, making crafts can mean a lot of things.

From wreaths to decorations, start with simple crafts and slowly gain experience as you go!

38. Scrapbooking

My mom was super big into scrapbooking, maybe you are too? You won't know if scrapbooking is a hobby or not until you try it. Simply use Pinterest, to get some ideas, and then go to Michael's or Target to get your supplies!

39. Become a Coach

I used to coach wrestling, lacrosse, and football. While it was a bit more than a hobby, some of my fondest memories are from coaching! Coaching others can mean quite a few things, but whenever you help others you feel more joy from it!

Coaching can include:

  • Youth sports
  • Highschool sports
  • Fitness
  • Music coach

40. Take Up Photography

An extremely popular hobby is photography. Learning to take photos is an art form that comes with practice. Smartphones have amazing cameras and if you want to really level up your photography hobby, consider selling your photos online or starting a social media channel!

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41. Go Meet People

Whether you're new to an area or simply looking to get out of your comfort zone, meeting new people is a great hobby. Simply use apps like Bumble Friends, join a sports league, or just go up to people in social settings and make friends.

You did it in kindergarten, do it again as an adult!

42. Join a Gym

Joining a gym should probably be higher up on the list if you're in search of a new hobby. However, a lot of adults already have a gym membership. Perhaps this new hobby should be “Go to the gym” more!

43. Become a Mentor

What better way to give back and fill some time than to become a mentor for others. Whether you help other adults with their budget, resume, or working through some issues, there is no shortage of mentoring opportunities if you're looking for a new hobby.

44. Ref Sports

Not only can you make some extra cash (sometimes under the table), you can also have fun giving back when you referee sports! From umpiring little league baseball/softball games to becoming a high school ref, think of joining a local referees association near you!

45. Stay Current on News OR Avoid It!

In 2021 (and looking ahead at 2022) staying current in the news might seem risky, but a new hobby can be watching the news. With all the craziness in the news, if you're looking to pick up a healthy hobby, you might actually want to avoid the news.

Either way, the news can be considered a hobby, you got to make that call though!

46. Freelance

We have talked about starting a blog, writing, and photography. All of these and more such as web or graphic design can be a new freelance hobby that happens to pay you.

Some people love coding, designing images, designing websites, and writing. Perhaps you are one of them who can actually make money doing so! There is a high demand for freelancers and you can find work on:

  • Upwork
  • Fivver

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47. Flip Cars

I have a friend who loves buying old Japanese cars, fixing them up, and using them for some time before finally selling them. While making a little bit of money at the end is nice, most car flippers really enjoy the process of taking something beat up and making it look nice.

48. Restore Furniture

Similar to restoring old cars or even campers, you can answer your I need a hobby problem with a furniture restoration solution. Flipping furniture is a super huge niche and many are reselling on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

You can restore tables, chairs, hutches, dressers, beds, and anything in between. My wife's mom has a system down flipping kitchen tables and chairs. She does one color scheme, has a paint sprayer to paint with, and sells everything on Facebook. Most of her furniture is free and she just fixes it up!

49. Meditate

After 2020 and 2021, everyone needs to chill. As I make light of the interesting times we live in, I will say one hobby I partook in was meditating. I would highly encourage Youtubing the subject or downloading the Headspace app to start meditating.

It's a mental health hobby that could help you a ton!

50. Whitling

Get a raw piece of would, a whitling knife, and get to carving! Just make sure you do your research and be super careful!

51. Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

Perhaps a new hobby you want to seriously consider is learning a musical instrument. You can play instruments whenever and many reports back that their new hobby is extremely cathartic, challenging, and rewarding!

52. Become a Collector

Not to be confused with a bill collector, a collector hobby simply refers to collecting stamps, shot glasses, golf balls, baseball cards, coins, or whatever else people collect.

From memorabilia to Civil War relics, people who have collecting hobbies love them, especially those who metal detect to find their collector's items!

53. Train Your Pets or Walk Dogs

I won't lie, my dog needs some leash training. Consider training your pets or even training other people's pets for money. If you're not Ceaser the Dog Whisperer, you can always walk dogs for money.

Money, fitness, walking, pets, sun = Dog walking is a blast. Look into walking for Wag or Rover.

54. Couponing

Perhaps one of the more bizarre hobbies to take on – but a great way to save money – is couponing. Clipping coupons, combining them with store rebates, and figuring out how to land 14 Yankee Candles for the price of two is a new hobby you can consider.

The Verdict on Hobbies –

Here is the final say on new hobbies – they're fun and they shouldn't cost you a ton of money.

A few years back when I needed a new hobby I started hiking which ultimately led to camping. I was able to get a tent, a sleeping bag, a sleeping pad, my hiking bag, and hiking boots by simply adding a new piece to my kit each time.

The moral of the story, be sure you do the following:

  1. Find one hobby to get healthy
  2. Find another hobby to make you money
  3. Use a hobby from the list above that is mentally stimulating
  4. Pick one hobby that interests you!

Now, I realize I need a hobby, but at least we all have this list to use!

i need a hobby

Frequently Hobby Asked Questions

How do I find a hobby that I love?

The key to finding a hobby you love and enjoy is to simply try a few new ones. Go back to your fondest memories as a kid and see what types of activities you enjoyed and see how those can translate to hobbies. For example, if you loved Legos or coloring as a kid, perhaps something like a DIY project or painting would be a great hobby to explore. You can also take interest assessments to find new hobbies.

What hobbies are good for depression?

New hobbies can lead to purpose, enjoyment, and help stop overthinking/worry. When someone has depression, any hobby that is mentally stimulating is best. Consider fitness hobbies, drawing, crafts, painting, singing, and getting outside. The best hobbies for depression typically DO NOT involve more technology. Depression is a real thing and can be challenging to deal with at times, making the right hobby important.

What is a relaxing hobby?

Any hobby that keeps your heart rate down and is naturally cathartic or expressive is a relaxing hobby. These hobbies include yoga, sewing, drawing, painting, walking, bird watching, gardening, and baking.

What is a good hobby to start?

Start a hobby that is easy to maintain and/or that requires physical activity. Anytime you can get more active you feel better. Additionally, whenever trying something new it is best to ease into it instead of going all in. That said, mentally stimulating hobbies are widely regarded as worth starting!