Money, Blogging, & Drywall (Take Action)

Tear down the wall of personal finance

So you may or may not know, but a few weeks back my wife Lauren and I decided to do something a bit drastic – we tore down the wall that separated our kitchen and our dining area. You might be wondering why I am telling you about this… but if you make it through … Read more

Dear Snowplow Parents – Stop Ruining Sports for Your Kids

youth sports

If you are wondering why a personal finance blogger is writing about sports and snowplow parenting, just bear with me. I was actually a coach for a good portion of my adult life and most of what I have to say comes down to two things: Parenting – specifically snowplow parenting Parents chasing unicorn like … Read more

5 Things Dodge Ball Taught Me About Life

what sports taught me about life

Once upon a time, in world far far away, kids between the ages of 6 and 18 played a game called dodge ball… The general concept of the primitive sport involved two teams, 7 rubber playground balls and a mid-court line. The goal: Get the other team out before everyone on your team got out. … Read more

Why I Chose to Abandon my Cubicle, and You Should Too

My Cubicle

So you want to know how to retire early and ditch the cubicle? Or maybe you’re like me and interested in being a successful landlord by pursuing a passive income stream with rentals. Either way, no matter your financial goals, here is an excellent guest feature for those who are serious about achieving financial freedom … Read more