The Best 30+ Personal Finance Blogs

best personal finance blogs for 2019

I remember it like it was yesterday… One summer evening my wife showed me a college classmate’s new personal finance blog they had recently started. While it no longer exists, (No worries, it wouldn’t have made this list) it did make mention to another blog called, “Mr. Money Mustache.” Intrigued, the very next day I … Read more

Great Lakes Student Loans: What Borrowers Should Know

what borrowers should know about my great lakes

Just in case you were confused, the e-mail from what you thought was some travel agency trying to get you to take a tour of the Great Lakes is actually not a travel agency. Nope, in fact, My Great Lakes, or technically the “Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation,” happens to be one of the biggest … Read more

121 Personal Finance Tips for 2022

102 Personal Finance Tips for 2019

Are you looking for the ultimate list of personal finance tips for 2022? No matter what your goal is, below you will find 120 personal finance tips broken down into 20 categories for all of your personal finance needs. See how this list can help you: Pay off your debt, Save some money, Make money, … Read more

21 Alarming Student Loans Facts and Figures for 2021

student loan facts 2020

Right now, in the United States of America, the student loan deficit sits at $1.6 trillion. Keep in mind, in 2004 the student loan balance was…drumroll…$345 billion. Even back then (2004), the most stressful part of my college decision was not where I wanted to go, but how in the heck was my family going … Read more