Why You Should Pay Off Your Mortgage Early

Pay of your house quicker

Chances are you’ve never heard this financial advice: You should pay off your mortgage as fast as possible. Wait, what…? Is he crazy? Did he just say pay off my mortgage? Now I already know what you might be thinking, shouldn’t I pay towards my retirement first before considering my mortgage? I mean who really … Read more

Why Americans Suck at Saving Money

why can't I save money

Let’s face a harsh reality, Americans suck at saving money. Collectively, as a whole, together, one nation under God, we are the best spenders… in the world. In fact, we are such great consumers of goods, products, and services that you can take the entire country of India and it’s one billion people and we … Read more

7 Steps to Start Being Financially Secure

7 Steps to Financial Security & Personal Finance

So you want to learn the steps to be financially secure? Then, I want to take you back a few years to the late ’90s hit movie, Something About Mary. If you have never seen the movie then do yourself a favor and hop on YouTube and type in “Something About Mary Hitchhiker Scene.” As … Read more

Start with a Budget to Get Out of Debt (GOOD)

Get Out of Debt

So you want to get out of debt, aka G.O.O.D.? I commend you. Getting out of debt will help you in so many ways and truthfully it isn’t that challenging once you get the ball rolling. It all starts with first recognizing that debt is an emergency, no matter how you justify it in your … Read more