How to Start Investing Using Acorns and M1

Invest start

Trust me when I say this… but the thought of investing money can be intimidating, especially when the experience isn’t on your side. I will be the first to admit that in the past I always stuck to traditional savings. For starters, I had no clue how to invest or what to even invest in. I … Read more

How to Invest for the First Time!

Invest for the first time

How do you invest for the first time? As someone who has never really looked into investing I will be the first to say – I really don’t know where to start. I have learned this: When I listened to a co-worker about Bitcoin I lost $100 When I listened to a friend about GERN … Read more

5 Mistakes I Made Starting a Blog

blogging mistakes

Hey! Welcome to Money Life Wax My name is Josh and when I started my 1st ever blog in 2017 I made lots of blogging mistakes. These mistakes resulted in wasted time and I even lost a little bit of money in the process. So if you are ready to start your own blog, I … Read more