Debt: How to Handle It During Your Retirement Years

paying off debt during retirement

It’s one thing to be carrying debt while you still have a full-time income. But it’s quite another to be facing mounting debt when you’re retired and living on a fixed income. Talk about sleepless nights and anxious days! For many retired persons, what should be “The Golden Years” are often mired in debt, at … Read more

11 Reasons Why You’re Broke: And How to Fix It!

why am i broke

Why am I broke? From age 22 to about age 28 I felt like I was asking that question in my head almost every week.  Here I was, career in hand, summer job in place, two college degrees, and yet I still felt like I never had enough money… but why? How could it be … Read more

25 Smart Ideas to Pay Off Debt Fast (A Complete Guide)

pay off debt fast

What would you do if you were walking in a forest when suddenly you took the wrong step and found yourself in a hole? Chances are you would do everything in your power to get out! While the likelihood of you falling in a hole on your next nature walk is low, the likelihood of … Read more

How to Get Out of Debt: 13 Expert-Backed Steps for Success

steps to get out of debt

Dealing with debt can feel like a hopeless situation. You try your best to make your payments, but interest charges eat up all your progress. The next month, you’re back to square one. Sound familiar? Don’t worry: You don’t have to be stuck with debt forever. We reached out to several experts and got their … Read more