Blogging is A Hobby That Can Pay You

I infrequently write about blogging… Like the actual aspect of creating a blog, designing it, creating content then telling people how they can do it too (Or is it too? I always get those two confused, jk).

Corny jokes aside, while I may not write about the act of blogging itself very often, it is important to point out that there are a few reasons I blog. Honestly, money is not the main reason. However, blogging is a hobby that can actually pay you.

Over the next 5 minutes, I aim to expand on how a hobby has slowly become a source of income for me. Not a huge source, but a source. And one more source of money is always better than one less.

Now, I will preface this article with two blogging tips:

1. Blogging is not an overnight success source of income for that matter. In fact it is probably over a couple of years type of success.

2. You have to add value to others, which is actually the coolest part IMO about creating a blog. Whether you are looking to hobby-level it or monetize your blog. 

Now, for starters to actually step by step create your first blog (basically creating a website) I would start with my How to Create a Blog for Amateurs. This will literally help you set up everything and get you operating smoothly from day one.

Why is blogging a hobby and an income source?

In my opinion, when you attach a paycheck to a hobby it is no longer a hobby. For example, I love playing pick-up sports.

And while I wouldn’t be against having a part-time job doing something like coaching kids at a recreation center, all of a sudden it would take away from my hobby.

You know, showing up on a Sunday afternoon to run around for 5 hours might be fun, but what if I really want to travel that day and spend time with my wife and kids? The flexibility is gone with most hobbies that are turned into income sources.

However, blogging, on the other hand, is a little different.

For one, you can do it when you want. Junior has you up at 3 am and you can’t go back to sleep because he is still screaming, boom you got your side hustle aka blog rolling. Secondly, you can blog about things that you want to talk about.

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Blogging is Flexible.

Not all blogs are created equal. And not all blogs are about personal finance. This is why sometimes you might see my blog posts on student loans, followed up with blog posts about why we should all be teaching our kids how to fail in school.

In my case, I write about what I am passionate about. I also write from the heart and things that have helped or impacted me. Blogging doesn’t have to be stressful or regimented. It can be whatever you want it to be.

By creating a blog you have the freedom to decide how often you write, edit, post, publish and so on. My personal goal is to schedule two blog posts per week.

And for the most part, I have done that, but there are a few weeks where I only got one blog post complete.

Blogging can be lucrative.

I hesitate to write the word lucrative. I actually hesitate to just attach the word income with blogging. As a societal whole, we are all looking for the “Lose 20 pounds in 30 days programs,” just like we are looking for the next great way to create passive income.

Is blogging passive? Yes and no. Will starting a blog that makes money make you lots of money? Not if you don’t do the work.

I am frank with people when it comes to money. So I will be frank with people if they’re considering starting a blog or online company in general…

Blogging (Like anything) takes work!

Just like at your job if you want the CEO type pay there is going to be a price to be paid. The same goes for blogging. People don’t make $145,000 in one-month blogging, without putting the work in.

However, most people don’t make that in one year, let alone one month so to think it will happen overnight and with minimal effort is really just insanity.

If you want to create your own blog keep in mind your goals. It is what you want. If you want to make a blog that creates income, realizes that your blogging income will match your niche as well as your effort levels.

blogging is a hobby that pays
Writing can be whatever you want it to be!

Blogging can be Purposeful.

Truth be told, I haven’t made a lot of money blogging one year and two months in. I maybe have broken even or just a little more. Now, I do have a long-term approach to most things and I have always learned good things come to those who wait.

I will be honest on another level too – my blog really sucked to start. I had good intentions, but really bad content and formatting. So with anything new, I had to get over the learning curve.

But the #1 reason I blog is for emails like I just got about a week ago. A reader asked how he can help his son manage his student loans. How could they pay them off faster and did I have any insight.

A few back and forths later and this reader was pumped to be able to share with his son a strategy to pay off his student loan debt in less than 24 months.

Did I do anything special? No, I just wrote close to 45 articles on student loans.

Did I do something he couldn’t have researched on his own? Nope. He could have found it somewhere but just having the option to ask someone for input probably helped him.

Can you make the same impact for someone else, even though it might not be that big? You bet.

Sometimes we look at Facebook and we see 6 weddings, 3 vacations, and a 15-year-old who on some national award-winning sports team and we sorta just feel blah.

But blogging can be an outlet to talk about how you feel. Or talk about what you like – be it sports, food, exercise or in my case money.

And someone out there will like it. Then they will read it and take action. And hopefully, it is a positive action that impacts them in a positive way.

So my question for you as we part,

Question: Would you rather blog to make money or as a hobby?