12 of The Best Survey Sites to Make Quick Money

Looking for the best survey sites to get paid to express your opinion?

In 2020, everyone has an opinion, just log onto Facebook or Twitter – you will see plenty.

But what you probably didn't know, or perhaps you're currently in the process of learning, is you can actually make extra money to share your opinion.

Believe it or not, you can get paid to conduct market research, aka filling out surveys, from the comfort of your favorite chair while watching your favorite show on Netflix, all while getting paid to do so!

Sound too good to be true? It's not.

Simply visit a survey site or download a survey app and get started and you will quickly see just how easy it is to accumulate a few extra dollars each week to spend or save while making money from home.

That being said, there are plenty of survey sites and apps, but not all are created equal. Why is why we will review the best survey sites and apps that will help you get paid today!

Best Survey Sites

Survey Junkie:

  • Avg: $1-$3
  • Payout: PayPal
  • Cashout: $10


  • Avg: $.40-2
  • Payout: PayPal
  • Cashout: $25

Inbox Dollars

  • Avg: $1-$5
  • Payout: Prepaid VISA
  • Cashout: $30

My Points:

  • Avg: $2.50
  • Payout: Gift Cards
  • Cashout: $3

Opinion Outpost:

  • Avg: $.50-$5
  • Payout: PayPal
  • Cashout: $10


  • Avg: $.50-$1
  • Payout: PayPal
  • Cashout: $20

The 12 Best Survey Sites Ranked!

best survey sites ranked

1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie at a Glance:
  • Average Payout Per Survey: $1-$3
  • How You Get Paid: PayPal & Gift Cards
  • Cash Out Minimum: $10 = 1000 points

Survey Junkie was the very first survey site I visited two years ago and it still holds a special place in my heart (Full review on Survey Junkie here).

I find the platform super easy to navigate and you can choose from a variety of surveys to complete. Simply visit the website when you're bored at work OR download the Survey Junkie app and use it when you're sitting around at the doctor's office.

You will earn points as you complete surveys and 1000 points is equivalent to $10. It's not hard to collect points with Survey Junkie and simply for starting, you can get 1,000 points by asking a series of questions and signing up!

Signing up is easy and free! Simply tap the button below and collect your $10 by signing up with Facebook or Google!

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks at a Glance:
  • Average Payout Per Survey: 30-150 “Swagbucks” or SB | $1 = 100 SB
  • How You Get Paid: PayPal or Gift Cards
  • Cash Out Minimum: $25 PayPal, Gift Cards $3

>> Get a $5 welcome bonus with Swagbucks now!

Do you like points? If so, Swagbucks will probably be one of your favorite survey sites. 

Using a point system called “Swagbucks,” you earn SB or points which will allow you to cash out and collect with either cash back or a gift card. Each SB point is equivalent to 1 penny, so 100 points means $1. 

Not only can you earn Swagbucks for filling out online surveys, but you can also get points for shopping online, searching the web and even watching certain videos. 

To cash out and collect real money with PayPal, you need to accumulate 2500 SB points, or $25. However, if you’re cool with a quick gift card you just need to accumulate $3!

3. InboxDollars

  • Average Payout Per Survey: $1 to $5
  • How You Get Paid: Gift Cards, Check, Prepaid Visa
  • Cash Out Minimum: $30

The cool thing about InboxDollars is they offer you a $5 welcome bonus. That not so cool thing is that you have to have accumulated at least $30 before you can cash out and it can sometimes take a while to net that much. 

However, where InboxDollars shines is they allow you to request a check for payment form, or you can use a prepaid VISA and/or gift card. They also pay you to do other cool things like playing games online, downloading promotions, tracking your search history, and more. 

To sign up, simply use this link to claim your $5 welcome bonus and start getting cash.

4. MyPoints

  • Average Payout Per Survey: $2-$3
  • How You Get Paid: Gift Cards Only
  • Cash Out Minimum: $3

The cool thing about using MyPoints is the fact you can cash out at just $3. The downside, it also happens to only pay with gift cards.

I still really enjoy MyPoints as they have been around since 1996 and they have paid out some serious bread, (well gift card bread) …. like $236 million worth!

However the gift cards are legit and you can cash out with just $3 simply for:

  1. Filling out surveys
  2. Taking polls
  3. Watching videos
  4. & Shopping online

Oh, and you get $5 when you start using MyPoints!

5. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost at a Glance:
  • Average Payout Per Survey: $1-$5
  • How You Get Paid: PayPal or Gift Cards
  • Cash Out Minimum: $10 PayPal & $5 Gift Cards

Opinion Outpost is quickly becoming one of my favorite survey sites.

When someone recently asked me what I thought was the best survey site, after telling them about Survey Junkie, I immediately followed it up with Opinion Outpost.

  • Reason #1, Opinion Outpost pays exceptionally well for their surveys.
  • Reason #2, Opinion Outpost let's you cash out at $10, whereas Swagbucks is $25 to cash out with PayPal.
  • Reason #3, Opinion Outpost is really simple to register. You just need Facebook or Google, or you can fill out the form with your basic info!

They also donate to the American Red Cross! Checkout Opinion Outpost below and see what current offers they are giving new survey goers!

6. Life Points

Life Points at a Glance:
  • Average Payout Per Survey: $.60-$1
  • How You Get Paid: PayPal
  • Cash Out Minimum: $20

If you visit the LifePoints website, you can earn 10 “LifePoints” right out the gates, in addition to becoming part of the largest online survey communities with over 5,000,000 members! 

Considered one of the largest survey sites, LifePoints has paid out over $28 million + over the years and their surveys are known to be quick and painless! 

What are life points worth? 

According to their website, Life Points are worth 9 cents each. So with the initial sign up that gives you 10 points, you would make $.90, not a lot of money. 

However, most of their surveys are really easy (some of the the other best survey sites can be a bit selective with who they let complete surveys at times) to qualify for, thus the payout is slightly less than other survey sites.

7. Vindale Research

Vindale Research at a Glance:
  • Average Payout Per Survey: $1-$5
  • How You Get Paid: PayPal
  • Cash Out Minimum: $50 PayPal

I don't know what it is about the name “Vindale Research,” but I feel way more official when I say I do market research for Vindale vs. Survey Junkie!

Vindale Research was one of the other original survey sites I heard about a few years ago and they’re pretty simple and straightforward: 

  1. Sign up with Vindale and get $1
  2. Don’t worry about points, just do surveys
  3. Complete surveys (some go up to $50 for just one!)
  4. Cash you when you get to $50 using PayPal

Personally, I enjoy how straightforward Vindale is with their platform and they have a solid reputation. If you don't qualify, you could always check out this Lucktastic Review and perhaps have some better luck there 🙂

8. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys at a Glance:
  • Average Payout Per Survey: Up to $3
  • How You Get Paid:Paypal & Gift Card
  • Cash Out Minimum:$10

By completing online tasks and online surveys, “Branded Surveys” rewards you with points. 

For example, simply for joining, you get 50 points, and after that you can complete surveys ranging from 10-50 points per.

Overall, Branded Surveys is a cool platform for survey sites and they incentivize users with a loyalty rewards program – Bronze, Sliver, and Gold – which allow you to “level up.” 

The better your badge, the more opportunities you have at earning. 

What are Branded Survey points worth?

100 Points is equivalent to $1, so in other words 1 point is about 1 penny similar to Swagbucks. You will need to earn 1000 points to cash out on Paypal ($10 minimum). 

Note: If you have heard of the survey site “MintVine,” they're now Branded Surveys.

>> Get 50 Branded Survey points just for signing up here.

9. Pinecone Research

Pinecone at a Glance:
  • Average Payout Per Survey: $3+
  • How You Get Paid:Paypal or VISA Card
  • Cash Out Minimum:$3

While Vindale Research sounds legit (and they are) Pinecone Research might be the most LEGIT of all the best survey sites. 

Some ask, “Is Pinecone Research legit?” and the overwhelming answer is YES, they're probably one of the best!

That being said the reason they’re further down on the list is because they’re not as easy to qualify for. Variables, such as target demographics that are constantly shifting, make some of the other survey sites more suitable for quick money. 

However, while harder to qualify for, Pinecone Research is one of the most sought after survey sites because they pay so well. 

In fact, the minimum payout per survey is $3. However, you don’t select the survey, Pinecone selects you! (Remember, they’re coveted and target demographics they need). 

The pro to this unlike some of the other sites is that you always know you’re qualified to take the survey if you get notified, unlike other survey sites that ask you a few questions sometimes only to find out you’re not selected. 

While the target demographics shift, typically younger adults, males, and other nationalities (Hispanic, Asian) are sought after. 

Also, the cool thing bout Pinecone Research is you don’t have to wait to accumulate money to cash out, one survey, $3, you can cash out!

10. Reward Survey

Reward Survey at a Glance:
  • Average Payout Per Survey: $1
  • How You Get Paid:In magazine rewards
  • Cash Out Minimum:N/A

Ok, so you have heard of some of the best survey sites like Survey Junkie or Swagbucks, but have you heard or Reward Survey?

Chances are the answer is no!

That is because Reward Survey is new to the survey scene. However, as of September, they were offering new survey goers a $30 welcome bonus for starting out.

While the platform is on the newer end and there isn't much available background or history, it does appear legit and you can't beat a $30 sign on offer!

The only negative – the rewards you earn from completing weekly surveys goes to magazine rewards 🙁

So if you're looking for free PayPal money, a better option is most likely Swagbucks or Survey Junkie!

11. Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Online:
  • Average Payout Per Survey: $1
  • How You Get Paid: Gift Cards or Donate
  • Cash Out Minimum:$10

Harris Poll Online comes in at #10 on the list simply because you don’t earn real cash money using their survey site. 

Whil the platform is sleek and simply, the onboarding process can be a little lengthy and you exchange points for gift cards. That being said, one nice feature and why Harris Poll Online is in the top 10 is because you have the option to donate to charity. 

Similar to how Coinstar lets users donate to charity free of charge, Harris Poll Online does the same – a nice perk!

The surveys also pay pretty well too, about $1 each! It's certainly worth trying out especially if you like to save money and use gift cards to eat out!

12. KashKick

KashKick at a Glance:
  • Average Payout Per Survey: Varies, up to $2
  • How You Get Paid: PayPal
  • Cash Out Minimum:$10

Last but not least, KashKick rounds out the top 12 most popular survey sites.

Relatively new to the scene, KashKick is considered a “GPT” site in which in addition to surveys, users can also earn money for completing other market research tasks like watching videos, downloading apps, or letting marketeers track some of their internet browsing!

New users get a $1 bonus for signing up with KashKick and you can also enroll in daily email's in which you're offered additional ways to make quick money.

  • Pros: Fairly simple to sign-up, use, and complete online surveys.
  • Cons: Not much brand recognition compared to Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and others. Also new, so credibility and longevity is still unknown

How much can you make with KashKick?

When it comes to completing online surveys, this is why KashKick comes in at #12…. their surveys take 15-20 minutes to make $1-$2. So in a period of hour you could make $6.

For other things such as screen time use and watching videos, KashKick is a great option. However, it doesn't hurt to sign up and get your $1.

How to make the most money with paid online surveys:

Step 1: Visit Survey Site

This might seem like a no brainer, but you will want to start by picking a top 3 survey sites to choose from.

Of your top three, visit each survey site or if you're on your phone you can download the survey app.

From there you will cant complete the necessary steps to signup, set up your profile, answer some preliminary questions, and collect the welcome bonus! Start with the three below!

Make $25 in 15 minutes with surveys here:

  1. Start with Survey Junkie and get $10
  2. Next, go to Swagbucks and get a $5 bonus
  3. Lastly, go to MyPoints and get a $10 Gift Card

Step 2: Complete surveys

Now that you have a few survey sites you're familiar with, sit back, relax, and start completing some surveys!

Stay focused on doing surveys on one site until you can cash out. Then go to the next survey site and do the same to repeat the process!

When it comes to making money fast online with survey sites, you will want to reach the cash out minimum as fast as possible, which is why it is actually advisable to skip around some!

Step 3: Visit long term survey sites

While bouncing around, collecting sign up bonuses and doing some surveys is a great way to make money fast, why you're at it, it's advisable to see if you qualify for Vindale Research and Pinecone Research since they pay the most.

These two are harder to qualify for, but it's worth the shot of trying simply because their surveys pay out the most!

Frequently Asked Questions

What survey site pays the best?

Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, and MyPoints are known to offer the best sign up bonuses for new users. However, Pinecone Research is the best when it comes to paying per suvey, followed by Vindale Research.

How much money can you really make with survey sites?

The answer is it depends on how much effort you're willing to put forth. You can make a quick $25 with signing up and filling out some basic info.

However, most surveys pay anywhere from $.50 to $5.00 on average. Some surveys do pay $15, $25, or even $50 – but these are few and far in between.

Are online surveys worth the time?

Yes and No. It depends on what you're looking for.

If you're looking to make very fast money, surveys are a viable option. But if you want long term money, there are better options out there such as starting a blog, freelance writing, or simply investing more money.

Why do companies pay people to take surveys?

Brands are constantly searching for consumer behavior and trends. Surveys are one of the best ways for them to design new products and stay up to date with trends.

By paying people to take surveys, the information is more valuable and they can target demographics!

Why are online surveys so popular?

Just look at what people search for online and you will find out why surveys are so important. People constantly search for, “Ways to make money online,” or “Fast ways to fill out surveys,” or “How to make money with surveys,” or “Best Survey Sites.” Simply searching for the best survey sites will net you 800,000 results!

best survey sites