The Best 30+ Personal Finance Blogs

I remember it like it was yesterday…

One summer evening my wife showed me a college classmate's new personal finance blog they had recently started.

While it no longer exists, (No worries, it wouldn’t have made this list) it did make mention to another blog called, “Mr. Money Mustache.”

Intrigued, the very next day I hopped onto my laptop and typed in Mr. Money Mustache…

One hour later I was still reading post after post… after post…after post.

It immediately occurred to me:

I was in love with personal finance blogs!

Personal finance blogs changed my finances.

Personal finance blogs have changed my financial future.

Maybe that is a strong statement, but for the rest of the summer, instead of basking in the sun during my summer break, I was reading about money. I was learning everything from saving money at the grocery store to finally learning what people meant by stock index funds.

I felt like Aladdin (in a whole new world).

Call it good internal linking, or maybe it was just the fact that the writing I found on blogs was just more relatable, I was immediately hooked to personal finance blogs.

Just reading about money and personal finance from someone else's perspective ultimately helped my wife and me better our finances.

So while I can’t guarantee that it will happen that way for you, I decided to create a list of some of the best personal finance blogs.

Here is a list of some of the best personal finance blogs for 2020 broken down into different categories. Enjoy!

30 Must-Read Personal Finance Blogs for 2022

top personal finance blogs 2019

Use the table of contents to review the top blogs broken down by categories. Different categories include:

  • 20 Something Blogs,
  • 30 Something Blogs,
  • Millennial Blogs,
  • Side Hustle Blogs,
  • Paying Off Debt Blogs,
  • Investment Blogs,
  • and an overall Top 10 Personal Finance Blog list!

Note: The first 30 blogs are not in any specific order, they are just numbered to help you keep track of what you're reading 🙂

Personal Finance Blogs

Personal Finance Blogs for 20 Somethings

20 something personal finance blogs

At 20 our needs are different than at 30. By 40 gravity starts to take over and it is a new game.

Here is a list of some of the best blogs for “20 Somethings,” who are just graduating college, starting their careers, and figuring out this thing called life.

30. Money Under 30

Money Under 30 is a great blog and resource when it comes to comparing financial products to make better financial decisions. For 20-somethings, these types of choices can make or break our finances.

If you are under 30 and don't know what insurance to go with or how to go about getting a mortgage – Money Under 30 will guide you.

As seen on NPR, Fox, Yahoo, Chicago Tribune & more.

29. 20 Something Finance

According to Kiplinger, 20 Something Finance is one of the top 10 personal finance blogs.

However, 20 somethings can gather lots from Miller's blog, including getting married for less than $2,500 to saving more money in your 20's so that you can really enjoy life later on in life.

28. Money Crashers

One of my favorite personal finance blogs out there, Money Crashers an excellent resource for all your financial needs – especially if you're in your 20's!

From credit card information to investing and small business, Money Crashers is one of the most successful blogs in the personal finance space. You can get lost for hours reading article after article!

Personal Finance Blogs for 30 Somethings

30 something personal finance blogs

While the difference between 20 and 30 is only 10 years, things change in a hurry. Here are blogs focused on the 30+ crowd who are now looking to gain wealth, possibly raise a family, and plan for the future.

28. A Dime Saved

Robyn started A Dime Saved as a millennial mom on a tight budget. She started A Dime Saved when she was unemployed after finding out that a lot of the information and content she was looking for wasn’t readily available as a mom looking to get better financially.

This is also why her blog is on this list – because it's unique and offers a different kind of content. Robyn said it best, “I didn’t feel that anybody was talking to me and who understood my situations and circumstances. So I decided to write it myself.”

27. Wealth of Geeks

Do you like reading about money and also geeking out?

If that is the case, then Wealth of Geeks is your personal finance sifi nerd out blog! From “Crappy Pasta” to saving money, if you visit Wealth of Geeks you are bound to have a good laugh, and learn a thing or two about money too!

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26. Get Rich Slowly

The OG of personal finance blogs. J.D. Roth (Just sounds like wealth) started Get Rich Slowly in 2006. So when I was wrapping up my freshman year of college he was writing about money… and has been ever since.

Roth sold GRS in 2009, but stayed on as a writer, only to buy it back in 2017. You can find 100's of articles where he still writes about his spending each month and tracks every penny.

25. Abandoned Cubicle

For all of the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) people out there, Abandoned Cubicle is a great early retirement resource.

Similar to MMM, Cubert rides a bike to work and talks about ways to earn passive income in order to retire from a not-so-rewarding career. However, at Abandoned Cubicle Cubert talks about the journey to FIRE with two kids in his 40's!

Considering starting a blog?: You can learn how to start a blog step by step using this guide! It's how I got my start making a $1,000+ extra per month!

Millennial Personal Finance Blogs

millennial personal finance blogs

24. Young Adult Money

Whether you want to believe it or not, if you're a millennial, you're also a young adult. So why not read personal finance resource and blog Young Adult Money?

As a consultant, David of Young Adult Money has helped fortune 500 companies to better work with millennials. David’s unique perspective stems from his focus on the millennial demographic in his writing on his own blog, his book, and his freelance contributions.

23. Broke Millennial

Erin Lowry, author, and founder of Broke Millennial has one message for millennials:

GYFLT. Get your financial life together.

Now I thought the “F” stood for something else at first glance, but either way, millennials can use Erin's blog to help them get out of debt and live a more financially secure life.

As seen on: USA Today, Cosmopolitan, ABC & many more.

22. Choose FI

I guess this isn't really a “blog” per se, but Choose FI is a very popular podcast within the personal finance blog-sphere and they write tons of articles ranging from making money to cheap recipes.

They know what they're talking about when it comes to money and have a Facebook Group with over 36,000 members.

As seen on Times, WSJ, Lifehacker & Forbes.

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Side Hustle & Making Money Focused Personal Finance Blogs

side hustle blogs

Thanks to the internet and the likes of Uber, side hustles are one of the most talked-about niches in the personal finance world. You can go be a dog walker and make some extra coin playing with puppies (how I see it at least).

60 years ago our grandparents couldn't whip out a smartphone and start making money with surveys or blogging at 10:00 PM on a Wednesday.

But now we can.

From people leveraging side hustles to quit their jobs to just making a couple $100 extra each month, below is a list of personal finance blogs that help readers make more money.

21. Money Done Right

Money Done Right is a personal finance blog that was started by Logan Allec.

After graduating from college with $35,000 worth of debt and no money, Logan spent his “Nights, weekends, and any other free time I could find researching the best ways to make, save, and invest money.”

Now he writes about how to do all three on his blog!

20. Create and Go

Ever wanted to create a super successful blog?

Alex Nerney and Lauren McManus did just that with their super successful “Teach you how to blog” blog, Create and Go! They are 100% an entrepreneurial power couple who have done a great job helping others start their own blogs, which includes plenty of personal finance blogs!

>> Check out my interview with Create and Go here!

19. Millennial Money Man

Bobby started M$M in 2015 as a band teacher with $40,000 in student loan debt. Fast forward today and he is a successful internet entrepreneur who has 6 figures months.

With his blog, he effectively teaches readers how to create and start lucrative side hustles leveraging the internet (AKA sitting at home).

Seen on Forbes, Lifehacker, AOL, Market Watch & more!

18. Good Financial Cents

From making money to managing it, Good Financial Cents is one of my go-to personal finance blogs anytime I am looking to read some killer money content! Jeff Rose founded Good Financial Cents in 2008 and since then, millions of readers have used the blog to get better financially.

A former military member and combat veteran, Jeff is also one of the good guys (in my opinion) and is always a pleasure to interact with!

17. Millennial Money

If you haven't heard Grant Sabatier's story he started with less then $10 to his name… and within 5 years he had over a million-dollar net worth before 30. He then wrote a book, Financial Freedom – A Proven Path to All The Money You Will Ever Need.

His book talks about side hustles and earning more money which emerged from the blog he started, Millennial Money.

Millennial Money has been seen on CNBC, Yahoo, AOL, Forbes, Inc & many more.

Paying Off Debt – Personal Finance Blogs

payoff debt personal finance blogs

16. Millennial Boss

Millennial Boss paid off $89,000 in 18 months with her then-fiance. Now Julie teaches others to do the same. I have a soft spot in my heart for those who crush massive amounts of debt because as you will see below (#17 Money Life Wax) we know the sacrifice of crushing debt.

15. Money Life Wax

Is it self promotional to throw your own blog on a top 50 list? Maybe so.

But there aren't many stories on the internet where a teacher and DPT have paid off over $300,000 in debt in less than 5 years. Dealing specifically with student loans, MLW talks about the best ways to pay off debt with an emphasis on the behavior it will take!

As seen on: Market Watch, Business Insider, Huffington Post, Value Penguin, Yahoo Finance & more!

14. Debt Round-Up

After student loan and auto debt, consumer debt is next with the average American owing $6,900 in consumer debt. Grayson Bell started Debt Round-Up in 2012 after paying off $75,000 in debt – $50,000 from credit cards alone.

13. Punch Debt in the Face

Punch Debt in the Face by “Ninja” has been around for a while, but is a spunky blog that will make you laugh while you learn about money.

He even raps about money…. enough said.

Investment Focused Personal Finance Blogs

investing personal finance blogs

12. Invested Wallet

As seen on just about every major publication from Business Insider to Time, Invested Wallet is an investment-focused personal finance blog that is newish to the scene!

Learn how to invest in private REITs and just about everything personal finance based! .

11. The College Investor

Where was The College Investor when I was 22? Even though I wasn't probably ready to hear I was blowing my money, I wish I knew how to pay off my student loans so I could invest earlier.

Farrington has been passionate about money since he was 13 and is considered to have one of the best blogs for helping millennials pay off their student loans then build wealth by investing.

10. Physician on FIRE

If you're serious about the whole retire early thing – you will want to learn from someone who knows how to invest and who has actually retired early.

In comes Physician on FIRE. After retiring at 39, POF talks about investments and wealth-building primarily from a doctor's perspective – but the info is applicable for all!

9. White Coat Investor

1300 posts and 57,000 comments. White Coat Investor is a highly successful personal finance blog with an emphasis on investments.

If you're like me and struggle with what to do when it comes to investing, or you just want to learn what difference is between an IRA and ROTH IRA, Dr. Dahle has you covered.

How to Start a Personal Finance Blog

start a blog

Before I introduce the “Top 10” personal finance blogs for 2019, you might be considering this:

How can you start your own blog?

In a nutshell, starting your own blog is simple. Start with a niche (Note: it doesn’t have to be personal finance), then come up with a catchy (but short and sweet) domain name, then use Bluehost to host your new blog.

When you sign up through Bluehost you will get hosting, a free domain name, the SSL security certificate (https) and the WordPress platform (where you will build your blog).

To avoid some of my early blogging mistakes, check out this step by step on how to start a blog guide.

Top 8 Personal Finance Blogs for 2022

The first 18 blogs are not in order – they are just numbered and broken down by their specific personal finance niche. However, for the last few blogs, here is a list of the top 10 and WHY I think they belong there in one sentence.

8. Free From Broke

Free From Broke has been seen on every major publication and talks about everything personal finance.

7. Mr. Money Mustache

MMM is where most people get their personal finance start even if hipster-ish, Mustache is still relevant in many ways.

6. Budgets Are Sexy

Budgets Are Sexy is not only the best blog name but who doesn't like seeing regular people with big net worth's?

5. P.T. Money

Phil Taylor of Part-Time Money teaches people how to scale business ideas and side hustles.

4. Penny Hoarder

Penny Hoarder teaches readers how to save money and find food deals, AKA a win-win.

3. Frugalwoods

Financial independence and simple, frugal living – Frugalwoods.

2. Nerd Wallet

Chen's site covers all money and is valued at half a billion, who knew Nerds knew so much about money.

1. Making Sense of Cents

A course that has made $1,000,000 and a blog that has made well over $4,000,000 – Making Sense of Cents just makes sense, so read up!

Q: What other personal finance blogs would you include? Comment below!