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Gobble Gobble!!! Happy Thanksgiving MLW readers! I know it is Thanksgiving and everyone is ready to gluttonously stuff their faces, watch football and be with family, but don’t forget what Thanksgiving means!


This will be a very short post because the purpose of today is to enjoy time with your family and be thankful for what you DO have. Before you go enjoy Thanksgiving dinner, say thank you to your friends and family and write down what you are thankful for, then put your phone up for the rest of the day!


Seriously, right now, write down 10 things you are thankful for. Being thankful gives us all something to fall back on when times are not going the way we want. Ty Bennett wrote an awesome book that I highly recommend called Partnership is The New Leadership, in which he talks about being grateful instead of hateful.


Instead of worrying about would you don’t have, don’t like, or what you don’t agree with, be thankful for who and what you do have. Write 10 things down and enjoy the day!!


Here are my top 10 11

(not in order)

Lauren (my wife)


Brothers (all of them, even Hunter)


Morgan (my aspiring human dog friend)


Family (even the crazy aunts)


Friends (sometimes… jk)


Mentors (taught us to be fruit inspectors)


Health (I love being able to workout and stay active!)


Open Mindedness (this world could use some of it)


Ambition (changing for the good every day is the goal)


Career (impacting the future) (Thank you for reading and I hope I am making a positive impact!!)




That is all! Go write down what you are thankful for and say something nice to 5 people today!


And then turn your phone off!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Your future self will be glad you read.                  – Josh

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