My Personal Capital Review (From A Normal Guy’s Perspective)

personal capital app review

When you were growing up and counting the coins in your piggy bank,  you probably never envisioned the option to track your finances all in one place in just a few minutes per day. And while counting quarters and dollars is one thing (and finding quarters is almost impossible these days), as we age, knowing … Read more

Robinhood Review – Is The Investing App Worth The Hype?

robinhood app review

Have you heard that you need a lot of money to invest or investing is for rich people? I initially thought that, too, so I just opened up my Roth IRA with Vanguard until I had enough in the money market to transfer money into a mutual fund.  In the past, you had to have … Read more

7 Simple Steps to Help You Raise Your Credit Score

how to raise your credit score

When I got my first credit card the lesson my dad shared with me was simple: You only have a credit card for the sole intent and purpose of raising your credit score.  After that, he instructed me to make sure I used my credit card for specific purchases only such as fuel for my … Read more