75+ COVID Memes That Are Spreading Like…Well, the Coronavirus

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 60 days, by now you have heard all about the Coronavirus or COVID-19.

The hysteria surrounding the Coronavirus is somewhat overwhelming simply because many of us seriously don't know what to do, when to do it, how we can possibly help…. and why everyone is buying 16 years of toilet paper!?

That being said, the internet is an amazing place for a laugh, some online shopping, and Coronavirus Memes (like this one):

coronavirus meme toilet paper

It's important to keep in mind that during times like this humor, laughing, smiling and not panicking can keep your mindset positive, thus boosting your immune system by laughing at countless memes like this one:

coronavirus memes

So here are 75+ of the best Coronavirus memes the internet has to offer and that happen to be spreading like, well… the Coronavirus!

Corona Virus & PSA My goal is to create a one-stop-shop for Coronavirus memes, not to offend. Please keep this in mind and don't think for a second I don't think this is a serious matter. At the end of this article, I share some ideas on how we can all be of service during times like these!

75+ COVID Memes to Make You Smile

Newest COVID Memes to for 2021!

isolation meme
the left on covid
the right and covid
parents covid memes
Parents are like ^
Coronavirus Memes
covid memes hair
Coronavirus Memes
covid19 memes
funny Coronavirus Memes

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coronavirus quarantine meme
money coronavirus meme
Florida coronavirus meme

People trying to get creative with cooking during the quarantine:

terrible pinterest recipe meme

1. Coronavirus Essential Oils Meme


2. Health experts meme & millennial meme:

health expert meme

Latest Coronavirus Memes:

3. The First Coronavirus Meme

anti vax coronavirus meme

4. Coronavirus Support Small Business Meme

support small business meme

5. WFH Coronavirus Meme:

working from home coronavirus meme

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6. Investing Meme During Pandemic:

investing coronavirus meme

7. Introverts during the coronavirus:

introverts coronavirus meme

8. Commuting during coronavirus meme:

Commuting during coronavirus meme:

9. Wearing a Mask Meme:

wearing a mask meme

10. Social Distancing Meme:

good neighbor meme

11. Women During the Coronavirus:

women hair coronavirus meme

12. Isolation During the Coronavirus:

isolation coronavirus meme

13. This Meme:

coronavirus meme blondes

14. Chuck Norris Coronavirus Meme:

chuck norris coronavirus meme

15. Hair color comes out during quarantining:

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Why can't people just stay at home?

16. Stay at home if you're sick!

17. Everyone is on high alert:

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The Best Coronavirus Hand Sanitizer Company Memes:

18. Hand sanitizer stock going up ^

19. CEO Coronavirus Meme

purell coronavirus meme

20. Easter baskets this year:

21. TP Coronavirus Meme:

covid19 toilet paper meme

22. All the Bath & Body Works people:

23. For the organic crew:

coronavirus cleaning meme

24. Wrestlers know what to do:

Did you know? In case you were wondering, the Spanish word for “Crown” is Corona. The COVID-19 is known for the spikes or “Crowns” on the virus, hence the name selection of Corona, 2019 represents the year it was discovered.

Did you know:

What are we gonna do this summer?

With the Coronavirus impacting how we live life, the internet has gotten creative with some of their memes for the summer of 2020!

25. Summer 2020 is gonna be lit:

coronavirus summer 2020 meme

26. Mask tan lines:

coronavirus summer 2020 meme

27. Coronavirus Trump Meme new tan lines:

trump coronavirus meme

28. Swimsuits redefined

coronavirus summer 2020 meme

29. 2020 was the year until this:

coronavirus 2020 meme

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30. Stop traveling if you sneeze:

coronavirus summer travel 2020 meme

31. One of the best Coronavirus memes yet:

coronavirus travel meme

32. Flights cheaper than a burrito:

coronavirus Italy meme

Other funny memes:

T.P. Only: I am on a roll with these Coronavirus memes:

For all the people who, like myself, keep wondering what the obsession is behind the hoarding of toilet paper…

33. Shaking hands NO!!

coronavirus shaking hands meme

34. TP Hoarding:

coronavirus scarface meme

35. People going Smegal on TP:

coronavirus lord of the rings meme

36. Jango?

coronavirus toilet paper meme

37. Flushables are better anyways

flushable coronavirus meme

38. Toilet paper isn't a preventative:

coronavirus tp meme

39. Lizzo…

lizzo coronavirus meme
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Coronavirus Prophesying Memes Anyone?

Did some people really predict this?

40. Someone find this guy

Take note of the date above ^^

41. Bats caused this?

42. What debate?

coronavirus politics meme

Some people (& Some Coronavirus Memes) are just ridiculous:

Here are some the most ridiculous Coronavirus Memes the internet has to offer:

43. The Coronavirus is canceling everything…

student loan coronavirus meme

44. Is this the best Coronavirus Meme ever?

who let the dogs out coronavirus meme

45. ESPN without any sports to report:

46. When guys go to the grocery store…

47. Coronavirus jokes…

48. Tom Hanks has the Coronavirus…

tom hanks coronavirus

49. Most creative meme of the year:

jumanji coronavirus meme

50. When everyone else is off…

coronavirus healthcare meme

51. Mask sales are going up!

52. Officer but I have COVID-19:

coronavirus ticket meme

53. NCAA and your budget at a loss:

coroniavirus ncaa

54. Bosses with Coronavirus jokes…

coronavirus jokes

55. Take your Vitamin C

corona virus meme

56: Bruh, seriously?

coronavirus meme work

57. Desperate times, desperate measures.

covid19 meme

58. What everyone really knows the “Coronavirus” stands for:

corona coronavirus memes

Bonus Coronavirus Memes: Let's go WV!

59. West Virginia Coronavirus Memes:

west virginia coronavirus meme

60. West Virginia Coronavirus Memes:

wv coronavirus memes

Final word on COVID-19, Coronavirus Memes & Health:

The fact that people have died from the Coronavirus makes it a serious matter in my opinion.

Sure, there are countless statistics that show more people die at higher rates from things like the flu, car wrecks, heart disease, cancer, etc. but that doesn't mean we all can't be cautious and take extra, preventative measures.

Having a wife and friends in the medical field, the biggest issue with this type of virus spreading is that something like this can overwhelm our medical system.

The United States has 975,000 hospital beds. So in the event, 1 million people (or more) need hospitalization, that is where the real problem lies. Not to mention, older adults and those with compromised immune systems who are more susceptible to viruses of this magnitude.

So if these Coronavirus memes help you get through your day with some smiles and help you relieve some tension, good that is the purpose!

However, times like these call for collaborative efforts from all parties. Times like these can bring people together. Whether you donate food, operate phone lines, deliver food or simply just leave some toilet paper for others, it's vital to think about those impacted the most by this.

Here are a few final takes on the Coronavirus and how to help EVERYONE:

  1. Subside from Googling “Coronavirus” every 25 minutes. Media companies make money during times like these.
  2. Wash your hands now, and wash them often. And keep washing your hands after all this gets past us.
  3. If you have symptoms of any kind, stay at home and monitor yourself.
  4. Don't buy all the T.P., just a month or two worth
  5. Use less than normal, there may be some product scarcity with productions halting
  6. Keep in mind that times like these it's best to go about your daily life as normal, just exercise some heightened caution
  7. Say a few extra prayers
  8. Spend time with family and friends, recongize what is most important
  9. Thank medical personnel and first responders!

Lastly, use times like these to better yourself.

Whether you decide the financial stress of this means you need to finally stick to a budget, maybe you need to finally start that side hustle to make extra money, or perhaps you seek to improve yourself in other ways.

Regardless, always find the silver lining during chaotic and even scary times like this!

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