10 Things I Learned & Loved in 2018

I recently wrote an article about the 19 things people need to try in 2019. From reading The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fu*k to learning to be happy with boredom, I wrote the blog post knowing that most people were less than 45 days away from ending their “New Year Resolution.”

And while I find it extremely beneficial to be forward thinking and focused on the future… it can be equally as productive to assess the past year and learn about what worked, what didn’t, what you might have loved and some things you learned.

So in no particular order, here are some things I loved and learned in 2018, enjoy!

1. Consistency is a never ending battle.

consistency in 2019

I will start out with something that I personally struggle with – consistency. But I have learned not to worry about it so much after revisiting 2018.

Sometimes we can wrapped up in our morning routines, our after work life, our weekends – you name it, not realizing the consistency is not in a day, but an accumulation of days. I kept trying to lock down the “Ultimate Morning Routine” and it kept adjusting… and truth be told I was frustrated.

I will admit I was getting frustrated but then I realized – whether I wrote in the morning or at night, whether I worked out today or the next, or whether I did what I needed to or not, as long as I hit my target over the course of a few days or weeks it was OK.

Really, being consistent is an accumulation over time. If you miss the morning workout but end up working out 5x that week anyways, what’s the big deal?

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2.There will be good months, there will be not so good months.

good and bad months

No matter what you are aiming to accomplish – be it personal stuff, career, finances – there will be up and down months.  I would personally love to tell you that we paid exactly $5,000 towards our student loans every month… but yeah, that never happens.

Some months we would pay $6,000, followed by a month were we just pass over $3,000. But like the consistency thing, realizing that sometimes things won’t go your way is OK.

This is especially true when it comes to finances but LIFE in general, remember you are in for the long haul. Having a long term vision helps you push through the crappy months.

3. Caffeine is awesome, thanks Chock full o’Nuts.

caffeine is awesome

Too much caffeine, not enough caffeine, I don’t know and I don’t care, but I love some caffeine.

It gets me going and helps me stay afloat, especially as an entrepreneur trying to squeeze every minute. Chock full o'Nuts is amazing. There is finally a coffee Lauren and I agree on.

4. EMOM workouts are a game changer!

emom workouts

Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes.. That is it. Do that 4x a week and you will build muscle, burn fat and feel great.

And next time you go to say you don’t have any time to workout, just slide to the left on your cell phone and check how much time you spent on social media and texting. If you spent more then 10 minutes on Insta (guilty) then you can workout.

5. You can control your attitude, but that doesn’t mean it is always easy to do.

control your attitude

I think in 2018 I a lesson I learned, but also loved learning about was how we approach things.

“Ugh, I hate working out,” or “I feel tired,” is not going to motivate you to do anything. Nor will you continue to do something if you hate it. So having a go getter attitude will only help you in 2019.

That being said it is important to point out that always having a positive attitude is not easy. Every time I read an article or book that talks about attitude I want to follow the author around for a month and see if they’re attitude is always perfect.

I know mine isn’t but I am also aware I need to sometimes make it better, which is how we grow!

6. Monthly Media Fasts are Great

stay away from the news

In 2018 I started doing a media fast at least 1 weekend per month and I will tell you inattention is amazing.

I aim to actually delete by social media apps 2 weekends per month from Friday afternoon to Monday morning in 2019. I can tell you, just breaking the subconscious habit of wasting time scrolling allows you to focus on what is most important on the weekends and stay off time consuming social media.

I love social media, but we all need a break from it.

I will also throw in this – stay away from the political and negative news. You don’t need to know everything about everything, more attention on that stuff means less mental clarity to focus on things that truly have an impact on your life.

Trust me, if it gets bad enough, someone will come tell you.

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7. Health needs to be a focus, every year.

healthier 2019

Ever year, health needs to be priority. In fact, the older we get the more of a priority it must become.

Staying fit, lean and watching your overall health is vital for a few reasons.

  1. You will feel better the healthier you are.
  2. You will want to feel good when you have kids and grandkids (that is some long term thinking)
  3. The older we get, the harder to get in shape it gets, so stay in shape.

Current health trends indicate we are getting unhealthier not healthier in the United States. A culture shift is needed with an emphasis on eating less and exercising more.

Side note: Random health facts, did you know a broken bone might not sound serious, but after 70 it is very serious.

Just take some small daily steps that will help you get in a better routine when it comes to your overall health. Read more about health here.

8. Avoid what you can’t control.

control in 2019

Stay away from the things that you just really can’t control. I quickly learned in 2018 that people get upset when things don’t go their way or if others don’t agree with them.

How stupid.

As Marcus Aurelius of Rome Said, “We have the power to hold no opinion about a thing and to not let it upset our state of mind.” In other words, act as if you had no idea something occurred, let things you can't control become irrelevant to you.

If my best friend is an Eagles fan (he is) and I don’t like them why the heck would I get upset about that? We live in such a politically correct world that if anyone has a different opinion than us that it is not allowed.

News flash, in 2019 don’t let things you can never change make you upset. You can’t control it so stop worrying about it.

9. Come up with e-mail guidelines.

email limits

How much time do you think you have spent checking email?

Bet it is wayyy higher than you might think. In fact, it is really, really, REALLY high. Like a quarter of your workweek is spent on email. Don’t believe me, just use this email time waster calculator here.

Come up with email guidelines for yourself and stick to it. I will admit this is easier said than done as I still have to use email even during the times I say I am not going too. In fact right now my email is open, now it is closed.

The starting and stopping of activities to just check email causes a break in action and decrease your productivity. Not to mention – we have all gotten that bad email on a Friday that throws off our weekend.

Never check email after lunch on Fridays or over the weekend – it can wait.

10. You are capable of more.

achieve more in 2019

This goes without saying – but it is true. YOU are capable of more than you think.

If you have financial goals – you can do more.

If you have business goals – you can do more.

If you have health goals – you can do more.

Relationship goals – you can do more.

You catch my drift, but we are all capable of doing more and making a bigger impact. It is really just up to us. It comes down to our choices and overcoming the attitude of what is easiest.

Embrace change and lean into what you feel is uncomfortable in 2019!

Your future self will be glad you did!