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When I started my personal finance blog in the late summer of 2017 I had absolutely no clue what I was doing.

Between my wife and I we had done some pretty cool stuff with our money the year prior, so I thought blogging about it would be a cool “hobby.”

I also thought that overnight I would have a viral blog. I seriously thought that everyone would just copy and paste my blog link to their Facebook a million times.

Not only does that almost never happen, it most certainly wasn’t the case for me. I actually look back at some of my early blog posts and cringe. They sort of sucked and I actually hope no one shared them at all.

The intent was good, the story and possibility to be good was there, but my inexperience really showed.

I quickly realized that I needed some help, I needed to read more, and I needed to work harder if I was going to take my blog to the heights I envisioned.


SEO, Digital Marketing, Social Media and 100 other things.


What started as a simple blog site on Wix about how my wife took out over $250,000 to go to college and why maybe other people shouldn’t, led me to a completely new world – the online entrepreneurial world.

I actually wrote a post about the 6 Characteristics of an Entrepreneur last week. My favorite characteristic – you can not sit still. That is 100% my personality, so the idea of typing things on the computer sort of seems funny to me still.

As I ventured down this new road I heard words I never knew about – search engine optimization, digital marketing, automated social media, and many more that I learned about on the fly. I quickly had about 100 other offers to consider.

I quickly realized that blogs are in a sense a form of marketing. I had no clue blogs made people money. Like most, I thought they just did it for fun. Like I said, I had a lot to learn.

Luckily I am a rather quick learner and I found some really cool people in the “Fincon” world. People like Bobby at M$M, Pete at Do You Even Blog and Cube at Abandon Cubicle were always quick to help. More importantly they were wide open transparent about one thing: helping others.


Personal Finance Blogs


Personal finance bloggers share a story, they market products they believe in, and they aim to do one thing – help others with their own personal situations.

The reason why I hardly write about investing, is because I have not really jumped into the investing world. I am a firm believer that you don’t pretend to act like you know about things that you don’t actually know about.

My focus area – student loans & saving – seem to be my niche if you want to call it that. But I am always aiming to grow in every area so I can better serve my readers who come to Money Life Wax.

By the way.. if you are wondering what the whole “Wax” thing about it refers to the saying, The Whole Ball of Wax.


Money Life Wax First




So when it comes to blogging there is a marketing component to a blog. There are also expenses associated with blogging – from hosting, to social media management packages, to some of the necessary tools required to grow a successful blog.

A blogger can monetize their blog (which is not as simple as placing a few google ads on your blog), but they need to know WHY they are monetizing their blog.

Here is the Money Life Wax mission statement:

To help readers of the MLW site gain financial wisdom that will compel them to take some sort of action that their future self will be happy about.

If one person reads an article and decides to pay off their student loans, then my goal is accomplished. If another person reads a blog post and they get out of consumer debt and buy their dream home – success!

So when it comes to marketing and what Money Life Wax offers in terms of “online” products – I ask myself this one fundamental question: Will it help my readers.

Most of the time the answer is no, and I delete the email.

However, there are three companies I stand by. The reason – they have actually helped my wife and I or they eventually will.


1. Bluehost


Bluehost MLW


Bluehost is a website hosting company and honestly they are the best. The sheer fact that for under $250 you can start an online business just by signing up for a 3 year hosting package with Bluehost is sort of insane.

In the traditional business world, just the office supplies to start a business would cost more then $250. I actually host Money Life Wax through Bluehost in conjunction with WordPress. The two together are extremely powerful.

If you read my early mistakes I made starting a blog articleI was in a pinch transferring my blog from Wix to Bluehost and the 24/7 call help late one Sunday was clutch for my transition! I was almost at the point of just throwing in the towel because Wix was being so difficult. 

Luckily Bluehost came to my rescue and which is why I have an exclusive hosting offer for anyone who wants to start a blog or website. You can use this exclusive link to get a hosting and domain package for just $3.95 a month.


2. Truth in Equity


Truth in Equity MLW


This is my favorite partner.

Why? Because if it wasn’t for Bill and Truth in Equity we would still have globs of student loan debt. This is not a traditional product. It is not mainstream, which is probably why I like it even more. Truth in Equity is a service.

The coolest thing about Truth in Equity is they helped me learn and understand. I learned how equity works, how to take advantage of dormant assets and how to pay off loans quicker by attacking principal balances.

Often times I hear this – I am a little skeptical of these “types of things.” Cool that is awesome, but I wasn’t. But I was also honest with our student loan issue (In case you were wondering they have a A+ rating from the BBB).

You should be hesitant before spending money on anything. That is why I like Bill.

Bill has turned down more applicants then he has worked with because he knows the value in helping people. Most of his business relies on word of mouth, so his goal is to help as many people so long as they can benefit from his services. An indirect mentor referred me to Bill in 2016. After two months of conferences and emails my wife and I started using equity optimization.

I am not going into the nuts and bolts of what he does, but if you want to pay off debt or a mortgage really quickly then reach out using my link below. The services he provides as far as guiding you through the process of using a HELOC to pay down debt are seriously ingenious.

We chose the lifetime package, because after our student loans are paid off in 2019, we will shift our focus to our mortgage followed by investing – and Bill will work with us every step of the way.

Lauren and I saved so much in our first two months by using his guidance we made our money back for his lifetime services. Here is my exclusive link to get in contact with Bill. Completing a 90 second questionnaire gets you an e-book on equity optimization and if you qualify for services Bill will work with you.



3. LendEDU


LendEdu MLW


I wrote about refinancing student loans in a post here and it is a common question that comes up. Should or should you not refinance your student loans?

It depends.

Here is my answer for you – we haven’t but we plan on it once Bill gives us the green light. Using out acceleration plan that I mentioned above, we do not want to hinder our cash flow. Sometimes a refi can do just that.

Now, chances are you probably have wayyy less student loan debt then Lauren and I, which is a good thing. If that is the case, then refinancing for a better rate is worth completing the LendEDU questionnaire.

Formed to help with transparency for borrowers, LendEDU typically offers better rates then Sofi. I have an exclusive link here that will put you in touch with a personal representative if you are considering refinancing your student loans.

Like anything, there is no commitment and they do a “soft pull” on your credit when you submit your answers. AKA your credit is not effected by submitting an application! 


My top 3

So there you have it, my top 3 affiliates, straight up. If you decide to get some information about one of them let me know, I would love to hear about your experience! 

With all the different mediums for advertisement and marketing I think the one thing that is cool about a blog: You get someone’s honest perspective. I am super transparent with the services we use and I turn down wayyy more affiliates then I partner with. In fact – besides LendEdu, Truth in Equity, and Bluehost I only have one other affiliate but I have not really promoted their company. 

At the end of the day this is why I wrote this post-

If it was not for a person (Who was working with TIE) recommending I contact Bill with Truth in Equity my wife and I would have still paid off $57,000 in student loans last year but 40% of that would have gone to interest. Bill is going to help us become debt free by 2019 as it pertains to student loans. Our original plan was 10 years. 

Every day I think my lucky stars I took 5 minutes out of my day and was open to something else. I also like learning about new financial strategies so this was a fun experience as well. 

I hope this helps you!


Q: Which other affiliates would you like to see on MLW?



Your future self will be glad you read.                  – Josh

2 Replies to “Why I Only Market 3 Products on My Blog”

  1. Good stuff, Josh! I agree wholeheartedly that you can’t over-saturate with affiliates. It simply waters down your message. I stick with promoting SiteGround (being a recent convert from BlueHost), Airbnb, and some financial product display ads that more or less align to the idea of “saving for retirement.”

    1. Hey Cube! Enjoy the Presidents Day Holiday? I think less is more sometimes! I saw you went to SiteGround – how do you like that?

      I need to start looking into ads down the road that I would like to work with ! Hope all is well, I have been meaning to email you about the Genesis theme to see if you like it!

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