Money Life Wax 40 Blog Posts and Counting

Money Life Wax 40 Posts

Money Life Wax 40 Blog Posts and Counting Chances are if you are reading this you have seen a lot of different posts regarding primarily finances, but sometime life as well. Many probably do not know this, but my first attempt at blogging started with a site called, “Money, Life […]

How to Pay Yourself First

Pay yourself first

Pay Yourself First – The Simple Strategy that Works! A commonly referenced theme in the personal finance community is the idea of paying yourself first. The essential premise behind paying yourself first: pay the future you, before bills and spending. Now before you go implement quite possibly the easiest personal […]

Save Money Meal Planning: 7 Shortcuts to Slash your $12,000 Annual Grocery Budget

Health and Wealth

Maybe its just me, but grocery stores are expensive. Ever wonder how you can spend $45 in a matter of minutes and walk out with two bags of groceries? USA Today recently released the costs for an average family of four and their food expenses. The latest numbers for a […]