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What is a side hustle?

A Side Hustle is a way to make extra money that allows flexibility and the ability to pursue what you are interested in. You might want to consider picking up a side hustle… and here is why.


  1. Who doesn’t need extra money?
  2. An extra $500 a month is equivalent to getting a 12% raise at work on a $50,000 salary
  3. You will only be young once (Grant Cardone has a great article about this)
  4. With 78% of adult Americans living paycheck to paycheck a side hustle can help pad the savings account
  5. Most side hustles involve something you are passionate or interested in
  6. Side hustles are often flexible
  7. Don’t say I told you so but most of the time payment involves cash, paypal or gift cards… so no taxes are… you get my point.
  8. Most important – they help you pay off debt if you have it! (According to Time Magazine, 73% of Americans die in debt)

In my last post I talked about refinancing your student loans, but paying them off is another thing…. so what side hustles are available?


Here is a list of 18 Side Hustles!


1. Yard Work


My favorite, mowing grass and yard work. I make an extra $80 a month just mowing my two neighbors yards when I mow my own. It is enough to cover my dog walker bill (actually dog walking is side hustle #8). In the past I have done yard-work for neighbors and some smaller jobs for my brother who owns a larger scale contracting company. This is my go to and I probably make an extra $1,000 a year doing it!



2. Power-washing Delivery Trucks


I spoke with Chad from OurDimeOurTime and he said his go to side hustle when he was paying off debt was power washing trucks at night for Fedex. Not sure what the market is like these days, but Chad got $25 a truck. 16 trucks a month and that is $400. Here is a list of truck washing gigs I found on Indeed.



3. Direct Sales or Network Marketing


Ok I said it. Yes, we know everyone has logged onto Facebook and seen leggings, candles and maybe some wraps for sale. But direct sales gets a bad wrap (ha get it). Direct selling businesses have been credited with allowing mothers to stay at home and still earn an income and the industry as increased with the growing presence of online shopping since 2011, whether you like it or not. There are also some tax deductions that can be very beneficial come spring time. Often times, most direct sales companies teach a form of entrepreneurship and are low start-up. Here is a list of direct sales companies.


working 9-5 mowing



4. Tutoring 


Chris from Debt Free Geek makes $33.60  an hour (net) with an online tutoring gig through Wyzant. This is very common side hustle with the presence of the internet and is especially needed in the math science fields. You can also tutor English language learners. Side hustle and help at the same time!



5. IT Consulting


 Obviously, consulting for IT companies needs to fall within your niche, but Chris from #4 does this as well and on average makes $75 an hour… (I would IT hustle this instead of tutoring personally).



6. Real Estate Wholesaling


A friend of mine from Austin, Texas turned his side hustle – real estate wholesaling – into a career. Nick from started as a side hustle but is now financially independent. The premise revolves around the idea of being the middleman for the end buyer. Nick finds distressed properties and gets them under contract for 70 cents on the dollar. 

The end buyer closes and Nick keeps the spread, without ever pulling a loan or sitting down at the table. He often sells to house flippers for 80-90 cents on the dollar. His services are in high demand because of the energy, time and hassle he commits to finding properties. Here is a rundown of the pros and cons of this side hustle!



7. Referee Sports


A high school referee can make some serious change, $1,500-$3,000+ a season.. The pros – it is seasonal and on your time. The cons – it involves nights, weekends and lots of heckling parents. As a former wrestling referee I could make $300 on a Saturday when I was in college. Start with volleyball – it is the easiest sport to ref!


make money side hustle


8. Coach Sports


Similar to #7, if you have a passion for sports and played and know a thing or two, you can coach sports at the high school level. The pay is not going to make you rich, but it is a great way to give back, have fun and earn. I coached wrestling, football and lacrosse for 5 years. If you do not want to coach but know a few coaches, a teacher/blogger Monkey Free Me, helps the athletic directors at his school and makes $75 a game!



9.Drive & Deliver


By now this is nothing new, but companies like Uber, Lyft, and Uber Eats allow you to turn your car into a income producing machine. Amazon now has a similar program for deliveries, Amazon Flex. The flexibility of all these can’ be beat!



10. Dog Walking


 Either start your own company, work for a company, or do what my dog walker does – have just a few reliable people through word of mouth. I pay my dog walker $10 a walk for 10 minutes. She does about 10 walks all around lunch time. Not a bad gig!!! The average dog walker makes $13.13 an hour.



11.  Furniture Restoration


With Pinterest and Facebook, furniture restoration is no longer limited to just antique shops. Ton’s of people, especially stay at home moms, have taken a hobby like restoring furniture and created some significant income. Here is a great link to getting started with the furniture side hustle!



12. Online Surveys


You will not get rich off completing surveys. But websites like Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, Earning Station and Survey Monkey will pay you to take surveys. I created a Survey Junkie account to see how it worked and made $3.60 in about 10 minutes. Most pay in gift cards and like I said you will not get rich… but make an extra $50 a month doing surveys and you can take your significant other to dinner!


online surveys


13. Sell stuff on Etsy


I made some wood slabs and coasters for our wedding and someone said I should sell them on Etsy. I was like what is Etsy? If you can make stuff and you like to make stuff – whether it is canvas art, t-shirts, jewelry, wood work, and son on – you can make money selling it on Etsy. Income varies from a little to A LOT (some people make 6 figures). Here is a list of the top selling Etsy items.



14. Blog


Yes, you can make money blogging and YES it does take work. The biggest adjustment I had to make was learning to have a consistent niche and reach my readers (and I still have a ways to go). With affiliates and ad’s you can make a substantial income blogging. I am not saying you will be the next Arianna Huffington, but just check out this list of high earning blogger incomes. 


 Read my post on how to start your 1st blog here!


15. Craigslist Flipper


Campers, cell phones, old furniture (see #9) and much more can be sold on craigslist. My roommate from college bought a camper, restored it, drove it around the country, and then sold it in California for profit (He flipped it for a van for his roofing company). Here is a great link to a blog post about a guy who flips smart phones and how he does it.



16. Gym Instructor


Workout and make money at the same time. Cube from Abandon Cubicle said his wife is a gym instructor who teaches classes. Spin, body pump, PT, aquatics all offer great side money and as Cube stated, “You can get a free gym membership!”



17. YouTube Channels


 100 Days of Rejection, Nash Greir, or the iconic “Charlie bit me,” YouTube has made over night celebrities… and fortunes. Not saying you will be the next viral video, but if you have a passion worth sharing make a video series and throw it on YouTube. People have made six figures giving toddler toy reviews on YouTube!



18. Freelancing Online


Blogging is not the only way to side hustle by writing. You can freelance write for a ton of sites like Upwork, Textbroker, Problogger Jobs, All Freelance Writing, iWriter, and Scripted. If you got talent and enjoy writing, you can make a substantial part time (or even full time) income by writing.



Key Side Hustle Takeaway…


A common debate I have at times is the mindset there is a scarcity of income, or the ability to earn is limited. I wholeheartedly disagree. With 168 hours in a week, factoring out sleep and working, 68 hours is a lot of time to play with. So instead of watching TV why not turn your unproductive time into earning time? Hopefully this list of side hustles helps you!! Read here on how to make more time!


Q: Got a side hustle not on my list? Comment below! 


Your future self will be glad you read.                  – Josh

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